#051 – Rosalina does a tribute to Federico Fellini

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Summer is hot in France, really hot. I’m lucky we had some rain yesterday but it’s too late. Heat already destroyed me so be careful… The sun is more dangerous than Rosalina is beautifull… And I’m sure you know how Rosalina is beautifull for me… °w°

The wishlist seem to be simple but the html code is really huge and now blogger have some troubles to upload it. I’ll made some changes on the code and make something more simple and clear so no new girls at the moment but when the new version will be done I’ll increase it, for sure… ^^

By the way, don’t hesitate to suggest your favorites girls they can be from video games, manga or lovely original characters… Just send me a link I can use a reference and she will join the wish-list… And maybe a day the Rosalina x Girl collection… ^^


A drawing from the Rosalina & Girl contest hosted by a Deviantart group. This time I’m glad to show you the winner of the honorable mention. Just looking at the illustration you can think the quality isn’t really powerfull comparate to other publication but there so much ideas and a references in this drawing that I decided to give a great place to Jabba7.

– Curious about Rosalina? See the scene here…

I start with Rosalina. The pose, dress and fountain are in reference to a black and white movie named ‘La Dolce Vita‘. Jabba7 wanted to cheat with Rosalina by having her paid tribute to Anita Ekberg. I really love this idea, it make Rosalina alive, dancing like Anita in the movie. Everything in this drawing have a reason and reference, that’s why Jabba7 did an amazing job… ^^

In fact the only mistake with Rosalina is with her hair style, don’t have her in front of her right eye but with the crown and hair style behind to the head she’s still recognizable.

– Curious about these three girls? Find them here…

Like the title said, Rosalina does a tribute to Federico Fellini and precisely to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fellini’s “8 1/2” movie. Yeah, the title look curious and if you look at the video Jabba7 linked you will see that the trailer won’t change it. You can look it once to see how it’s an original (and surprising) one but at the second time why not find these three girls who appear in the drawing.

Yeah, these three girls are in this trailer and it was funny find them, now can you do it too guys? If you find oneor more don’t hesitate let a comment saying when she appear in the movie (link above) and note the moment she appear. Can you find these three girls guysor it’s to complicated… ;p

Once again congrat to Jabba7 for this beautifull, pleasant and also complicated piece. Don’t hesitate to take a look to his deviantart account for more publications if you are curious. Jabba7 publish regularly and if he continue increase is style keeping his amazing mind epic drawings must come… °w°

Artist: Jabba7 / Cost: special (contest)

Added to wishlist: New version in progress (see it here)

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