#036 – That’s Rosalina… are your sure ?

It was a long time I said I wanted to restart the blog and I finally find the courage take the time for a nice post. I don’t have a lot of drawings to show for the moment but it was really hard to choosed the one will be here for the first post since more than two months… I think the best way it to start with an original post and as you can see this Rosalina drawing look really curious… O_o

Yeah, you can find this drawing is a bad joke so let me explain. It’s a commission than Tallon (thanks so much my friend) commissioned for my birthday (or Rosalina one, not sure) to DigitalMake in deviantart. He asked to the artist Rosalina eating her cake and there is the result.

I know she’s not eating her cake, I know it’s not Rosalina but there is something I don’t know… why? I left a little comment on DigitalMake publication saying ‘She’s really lovely but who is this character? Tallon said me he commissioned you Rosalina eating her birthday cake so I’m really surprised by the result… O_o‘ but he never reply…

This drawing was a huge dilemma for Tallon who hesitate to show it and some thing for me but the girl is really cute and I think it’s the best way to publish more in the soft blog. Now I have to continue add new drawings and really show Rosalina in the last publication… And maybe guys if you have some time you can also let a comment in DigitalMake‘s profil asking why this Rosalina, with some spam I hope he will react… XD

By the way I didn’t count this one one the blog stats, I don’t understand who is this Rosalina and how an artist like DigitalMake who have an amazing style can fail a commission like this… That’s so stupid… T_T

Artist: DigitalMake / Cost:??? (gift by Tallon)

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