#040 – Solo – What a cute Rosalina

I’m late on the main blog and if it continue on that way it will happen here two, after this lovely Rosalina by momo-kuroi there is two other drawings waiting, I never expected ind so uch interest on deviantart for the project who look really small for the moment but I’ll do my best increase it and create something epic… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

This drawing was made as commission, Like momo-kuroi style and level 5$ for a single character sound really nice but with actual budget I just asked a solo Rosalina. If I know she will be so lovely you can be sure I asked for a duo, after all for a Rosalina x girl blog it look a litte special but I’m really happy with this drawing… ^^

Rosalina is a really beautifull and adorable character (it can explain why I’m in love with her) but the way momo-kuroi drew her is amazing. she really close to the original character but there is something on her face who turn her to a really more innocent and cute girl than she look in Mario galaxy… Like a shy girl who have nothing to do with a fight against Bowser… °w°

So guys don’t hesitate to take a look to momo-kuroi gallery, there is so much really beautifull illustrations but as me it’s really this one who is the cutest, and not because it’s Rosalina… And if you want to commission momo-kuroi you must know than you can ask for a livestream to see it… Why I didn’t noticed it before… U_u

Artist: momo-kuroi / Cost: 5$
Deviantart: www.momo-kuroi.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/hanechan17

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