#046 – Solo – Lovely cowgirl

I really wanted to create something new for the blog like a page or project and I finally had a little idea: an “Information” page (see it here). this page contain informations about Rosalina, how to contribute and I’ll add some about me too if you are curious. by the way the size of the blog changed, nothing really important but it’s now a little more larger. I hope you have huge screens guys… ^^

Do you remember the beautifull rosalina I commissioned to momo-kuroi? If you are curious I added it on the left but you can also see the complete post here. In fact this lovely Rosalina is not the only I commissioned because I also asked to momo-kuroi a second commission a little more explicit, a sexy cowgirl Rosalina… ^^

At start I didn’t planned to add the drawing here because it’s a blog for all age but like the result the first words who came in my mind where beautifull, lovely, adorable… And few adjectives after maybe sexy but as you can see this is a really cute cowgirl than momo-kuroi drew… I hope you like her guys… ^^

If you are curious why a cowgirl,, it’s because a little fetish about this uniform. People generally love nurse or maid (Akali nurse and Nidalee maid are great thought) but my favorite costume is the cowgirl with chaps, they are just amazing and gorgeous that’s why I asked a sexy Rosalina cowgirl to momo-kuroi… °w°

momo-kuroi did an excellent job and I love the result, Rosalina look perfect with her style and her face is soooo cute. by the way don’t hesitate to take a look to momo-kuroi‘s profile if you are interested for a commission but you can also win a free drawing because a raffle to celebrate her 50th watcher. you can win full color drawings and ‘The more entries I get in the raffle, the more prizes that will be given out (and the bigger/better they get)‘… so why not hesitate, if you want to participate, just click here and post a comment to participate.

Artist: momo-kuroi / Cost: 10$
Deviantart: www.momo-kuroi.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/hanechan17

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