#024 – Solo – Dragon Rosalina

I receive a lot of new drawings during the week, before that I was late so now I’m… really late… Must do my best to continue publish regulary and maybe a day, I’ll see a comment… I hope… ^^

Hope you liked the previous drawing by Alyson because it also this lovely girl who draw this “Dragon Rosalina”… For each drawing she prepare herself misten a lot of musics, for the previous drawing it was more loli song and for this one, I think her wishlist was more dark and hardcore… And why a “Dragon Rosalina”… Simply because it’s the title of the file than Alyson sent me… ^^

This Rosalina look beautifull but like her face, you must be careful, not sure she’s here to help you… She’s like a zombie, calm but dangerous… Maybe it’s a beautifull zombie this time… This illustration is beautifull… Third time Alyson draw Rosalina and it’s always so awesome… Thanks so much Alyson… (^o^)/

Artist: Alyson / Price: Request
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