#021 – OC – Cute Vampire ?

I see a lot of artists do art-trades; it a really nice and more fair than a request but with my level I can’t draw anything great that’s why I only ask for requests or when the price is interesting a little commission. You can be sure if I had some talents I would draw a lot of Rosalina pics for my blogs Maybe it’s not the case but I know my blogs start to be really powerfull (especialy for the adult one) so It’s (again) a huge thanks to all artists who contribute and continue increase my collection… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

For this 3rd request from the Lyon’s comics festivl, I must know I bought two “Nekomix” books and ask a drawing on each one involving Rosalina and an other female character (the artist had the choice for the second girl). So it’s the drawing I receive with the Nekomix N°7 (tou can see the cover on the right). It was draw by DRAC but I don’t reconize the girl she choose to show with Rosalina, so in the title I say it’s an OC but I’m sure it’s wong, maybe if I find more informations I’ll update the post… ^^

The drawing is nice, these two girls are really cute, love this little smile for Rosalina and the other girl who look a little embarrassed, that’s adorable but sincerely I’m a little sad that the drawing is really simple, not a lot of details, especialy for the other girl… I agree it’s the principe of a dedication, the artist don’t have a lot of time maybe after this one, DRAC drew an awesome pirate portrait huge are more detailed (yeah, I forget say but the Nekomix 8 is a special pirates edition).

I think DRAC wasn’t really inpirated draw Rosalina, maybe like Rosalina hairstyle I’m sure she really look at the model but a little mistake because the right eye must be cover hidden by hair, DRAC drew the lock but a little to small… So bad… T_T

If you are curious about Nekomix, it’s an association who support and promote a lot of artist, maybe if you are curious you can take a look Nekomix’s site (click here), same thing for DRAC who have her own blog but be careful, Nekomix or DRAC, it’s in french… ;p

Artist: DRAC / Cost: two books at 20$

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