#008 – Metroid – Samus

New crossover with a Nintendo Character, Samus form metroid serie… She’s not famous as Zelda or Peach but it’s a important part of Nintendo, and she’s really beautifull, so nice to have a pic with her in the blog… (^o^)/

About the artist, thanks so much to pervling who accepted drawn me Rosalina as request. Thanks so much for his kindness, it’s so nice to see artists with interest for my project and help me for my collection… ^^

Pervling drew Rosalina like the original character but change a little her dress to make Rosalina a little more sexy but don’t want to drawn porn so it could appeal a bit to everyone’s tastes… That’s true a lot of people prefer drawings a little more sexy but don”t want to have a hentai blog here, so it’s a nice to have picture like that… ^^

And finish with the artist quote, thanks for this kind words… ^^
Harmonie_Rosalina asked if I could draw his favourite character, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, together with another girl so he could add to his growing collection on his blog. I found his fascination with the character interesting (while I didn’t know her), and created this pin-up with Rosalina and Samus from the Metroid series.

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  1. Toshiie

    Samu & Roselina. I like this =)


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