#045 – Tron – Quorra

At start I created a “contact” page for people who are looking for more infos about me but it was deleted. Finally I think there is some points than people don’t really know like the rules if they want to contribute. As example there is an artist who asked if he can participate or it’s only me who ask for commission, I was really surprised because of course everybody can participate but there is two minors rules: No men and watermark… The page is still in progress and I’ll publish it soon…

A new girl meet Rosalina today and I’m sure a lot of you reconize her; she’s Quorra fron the disney movie Tron. I love Tron universe and outfits so really wanted to pair a girl from this series like Gem or Quorra. Finally I commissioned oOPink-NinjaOo and decided for a lovely drawing with rosalina and Quorra, I hope you like it guys.

Rosalina is so beautifull and I love her with her blue dress but it’s interesting to ask her to different artists like oOPink-NinjaOo who draw her with a different style and wearing new outfit in reference of the series where the second girl come from. It’s like she’s everywhere but so bad she’s just a secondary character for Nintendo, they must use her more often… U_u

About oOPink-NinjaOo, she’s a French artist and I hesitated a little to post a comment in French, after all it’s also my mother-tongue but I think there is a lot of people here who won’t understand the post (if only they take the time to read it) and this english blog is a great training. by the way like oOPink-NinjaOo account in deviantart I think she can easily understand english too… I’m sorry for all french kids who will have to practice a little more… Good luck.. XD

I said this drawing was a commission to oOPink-NinjaOo and if you are interested don’t hesitat to send her a note or message at doujinmune@hotmail.com. For the moment oOPink-NinjaOo don’t have a price-list so it will depend of what you want her to draw but if you want an dea a drawign like this one cost 25-30$. Like the quality it’s a great deal comparate to othre artists really really (yeah, twice) more expensive…

Artist: oOPink-NinjaOo / Cost: 25$

Added to wishlist: 9 girls from the game Grand Chase (see it here)

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