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#177 – Disney – Jasmine

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My life is a constant cosplay of the bunny in “alice in Wonderland” (late late late), maybe he don’t have a job in nuclear, and I can say you it’s really boring… And about boring, I was really sad this week, a lot of people saying I annoying and boring because my love for Rosalina, at a moment I think to stop the blog but it was a bad idea… I’m a love with Rosalina and nobody can change that… ;p

So a little change in the program, instead of publish her my drawings for the Lyon’s comics festival, I’ll publish these drawings on my soft blog: Rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.comand continue here with drawings waiting in hentaifoundry or in my mailbox… Enjoy it guys… ^^

So today it’s a new Disney Character, after two pics with Thinkerbell, I have now Jasmine in my collection done as request but the awesome and so nice Sfan… It’s the second time he participate for my blog, the first publication was Rosalina with Shelke from Final fantasy (see it here).Sincerely, I’m not a fan of Jasmine and don”t really think this character look sexy, that’s why she wasn’t in my wishlist but I see an awesome drawing in Sfan‘s gallerie with Jasmine and Sora (see it here) and Jasmine was so beautifull and sexy with Sfan style…

So you can imagine when I see a nice girl I always say she must be awesome with Rosalina (it’s my job in this site XD) but it’s often more as little and not really important suggestion maybe some time after I see this awesome publication in hentaifoundry, not so sexy like the previous (not the same skin) but Jasmina is so beautifull and cute with this face and the way Sfan draw transparent arabian clothes, it’s just too much, this drawing is incredibly great and sexy, I love Rosalina with this surprised face, she’s adorable what a pity Sfan don”t give her clothes like Jasmines’s, but the result is good… Hope you like it guys and thanks so much for your kindness Sfan… You’re incredibly nice… (^o^)/

Artist: Sfan / Price: Request

New wishlisted girl: Kat from Gravity Rush

#146 – Final fantasy – Shelke

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150th Drawing here… \(^o^)/

Maybe I go in the french convention Mang’Azur on April 21th, at first it’s because I hear there is a Rosalina cosplayer so it must be so nice. But finally I can’t see her. She’s not in the convention the 21th but 22th and I can’t say two days for her… Bwaaaaa… My only chance to see a Rosalina cosplayer… T_T

Maybe it’s not use to cry and I’m happy having this blog, Can’t see the cosplayer but I already have a lot of Rosalina here… So enjoy this new drawing with Rosalina and Shelke from Final Fantasy VII (Dirge of Cerberus) by Sfan hope you like it guys… ^^

Final fantasy girls are pretty famous, It’s now the 5th girl from this series who meet Rosalina, and everytime it’s really hot. This pic is awesome, I love how Sfan drew Rosalina dress, Really exciting but so beautifull too. Background and character are beautifull, the situation is pretty hot and exciting, the only thing who look a little special as me is Rosalina and Shelke face, they are cute of course, but not so expressive. Two huge dildos but they look really calm. Maybe it’s not a huge mistake and The result is really nice so that the more important… Thanks so much Sfan, I love this pic… (^o^)/

Artist: Sfan / Price: Request