#052 – Solo – Van-Hellsing Rosalina

I really want to post some speedpainting videos, it must be really powerfull and original than just show some WIP with she final illustration, but I need some artist who accept to draw Rosalina and record it themself or maybe I’ll do it myself during a speedpainting (but the quality wont be the same.

Don’t hesitate it you are interesting or know someone who can help me. I tried 2-3 times but there is always a little problem or mistake so for the moment I don’t have anything… Maybe the world don’t want I do these videos… U_u


A new post with a simple but so lovely Rosalina drew in traditional art by my friend Lou (yeah, it’s her name). She have 14yo but already a great and original style, never imagine see Rosalina as vempire hunter a day. She’s simple and so lovely, this is an adorable illustration… °w°

Lou drew this Rosalina while I was chatting with her on skype. It wasn’t expected at star and finally a great surprise but I don’t remember why this idea come in her mind. It’s the second time she draw Rosalina, the first is more a sketch but with a little different style. Lou is young but already a little pervert loving read yaoi fanfiction… O_o

I’m sorry guys I don’t have a page or something to link. Lou draw for fun and don’t often show her art. Sometimes a sketch appear on her facebook page but I can’t link it… I hope you like this drawing guys, don’t hesitate to let a little comment and I’ll share it too Lou if you want.

Once again Lou… Thnaks so much for your kindness and this awesome piece… (^o^)/

Artist: Lou / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Rayne from Bloodrayne(see it here)

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