#016 – Solo – Sad but so cute

Hey guys… After spam in HentaiFoundry and Deviantart, I try in during cosplay meetings and there is some nice surprises… I meet a really nice and cute girl and her best friend (at start, I though it was her little brother, maybe it’s a girl… Fail…)… So this friend is Lou Goshikku and she love draw… So I ask her a drawing with Rosalina and she accepted… Thanks so much you your kindness Lou… (^o^)/

Before hear “It’s not a huge quality” or “this drawing is really simple”, you must know Lou is a 13 years old artist, so don’t expect something really awesome but for this age, she have a nice style… Maybe this Rosalina is so cute, but Lou can’t explain me why she look sad… Maybe I’ll ask her a drawing again… XD

13 years old artist but I was really surprising talking with her, maybe she’s not completly ignorant about ecchi and maybe something more hot… I have some friends like this, this generation is really pervert…But I’m not sure it’s a really nice thing.

If you like this pic, don’t hesitate to post a comment, for the moment Lou don’t have account like DeviantArt or other and I don’t want to put her facebook profil, so don’t hesitate to post a little comment and I promise you Lou will see it… ^^

Artist: Lou / Price: Request

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