#049 – Solo – Rosalina bust

Japan Expo is coming soon and Rosalina will be in Paris in a few days (I you don’t remember my Rosalina cosplay it’s here). I will be really busy for a week so don’t expect me to be really active but don’t worry if I don’t answer to your messages or mails but I won’t forget you… Oh yeah… ^^

I also hope this blog will be more and more active because I want to create a little event to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. Not sure I will have the budget for a true contest but we cant’ miss this birthday… ^^


Today it’s a really beautifull bust of the more beautifull and lovely princess in the world. I won’t this drawing in a raffle organised by the really pleasant artist ruri-tan to celebrate her 50th watcher on deviantart. She has a great style so don’t hesitate a look to her profile and gallery but you can also let a little comment and watch, ruri-tan really deserves more fans and support. With more fan she can also make new raffles so hurry up guys… XD

We are also here for Rosalina and I must admit I love this drawing, ruri-tan really did an amazing job. Rosalina look more simple with this hair style but still so cute and lovely. In fact she look like a young Rosalina but this hair style is also more realistic. Not just one huge lock in front of her right eyes but a lot of little one, exactly like my wig in fact but I can’t be so cute… Eh eh…

This drawing is like a memory, when you see a girl walking in the street, looking at her and the girl looking at me with a little smile. Ruri-tan, you drew a so powerfull illustration. I’m in love with Rosalina since I saw her in Mario galaxy but when artist draw her more detailled, more expressive… She’s amazing…. Thanks so much…. (^o^)/

I finish the post with a little information; ruri-tan don’t do request but is open for commission and may accept art-trade depending if it’s on hold or not. Don’t hesitate to take a look to ruri-tan profile and send her a mesage for more information… If mabe you want to commission her Rosalina… Maybe… °w°

Artist: Ruri-tan / cost: 0$ (Raffle)

Added to wishlist: Julie Yamamoto from Ben10 (see it here)

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