#021 – Solo – Pirate Rosalina

One of my work colleague noticed than it’s a little special that at the end of every publication I write “ Price ” to say how much I payed the drawing (or not when it’s a request, love this). As him, when I say “ price ” it’s like how much I sell the drawing, maybe the idea is great but don”t think I’ll do it for the moment (these drawing are mine… ;p) maybe I decided to change it so I’ll write “ cost “… Maybe I’m curious like his remark if he was the only who noticed that mistake or no one here fund the time post a little comment and say it… ;p

This time it’s the last dedication from the Lyon’s Comics Festival, drew by Amandine, an other member of the Nekomix asociation like DRAC who drew Rosalina in the previous post. At start I really hesitate to buy a Nekomix book and dedicate it but when I see a drawing Amandine just finisht I thought “Rosalina will be awesome with her style, I will be an awesome publication for my blog“.

Sincerely it’s because Amandine I bought these 2 Nekomix books; she’s a really powerfull saleswoman with her smile and beautifull dedications so I asked her a drawing with Rosalina and an other girl (of course) but she was really busy and don’t had time for the other girl. So it’s a beautifull pirate Rosalina (yeah, I forget say but the Nekomix 8 is a special pirates edition) but a solo Rosalina… That’s so bad… Bwaaaa… T_T

In french we say “the best for the end” that’s why this drawing is the last from the festival, it’s a really beautifull watercolor but when I think to Amandine art I’m always sad don’t have the second character, the project is to show Rosalina with a lot of other characters and I have a lot of solo here… Must change that, hope Amandine will have more time at the next meeting, but not sure it happend, so bad… T_T

MAybe if you are french, understand it or are curious about Amandine, don’t hesitate to take a look to her blog: http://lesamandinettes.free.fr not a lot of publications but some really cute drawing, maybe there is a little bug in her site, links on the left don’t work, so can’t see other pages, if somebody know how fix that

Artist: Amandine / Cost: two books at 20$

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