#043 – Solo – Mario Galaxy 2 and Rosalina

Rosalina is characterized by her hair style, blue dress and wand for the more important points but we can forget she’s the adoptive mother of the Lumas… Sometimes artists add a little Luma on the illustration, some are cute, other more special and funny but still really lovely that’s why I had a little idea. I’ll create a little page showing all Lumas I received as little avatars than you can use for the blog. As example you have this one on the right but I’ll also use one from this illustration. what do you think guys? Interesting by a little Luma avatar?

Today it’s a really amazing illustration by a french artist: Ange10. He didn’t draw a solo Rosalina or paired her with and other blog so this drawing can look a little special like the original project (though not so much as some Rosalina x bowser I received) but I must admit the result is really amazing. A so beautifull Rosalina and some inspiration from the Mario galaxy 2 cover and… Taadaam… *w*

Ange10 really have a great style but I expected something more like a cute bust so I was so happy with this drawing. So much details on the ship, Mario and Yoshi (Mario… U_u) but also on Rosalina who look really beautifull with a realistic style and alive like her face expression. Mario is playing with the Yoshi but Rosalina is really more powerfull and it’s like she’s looking at us, waiting for something, maybe for me… ^^

I asked to Ange10 if he can send me the high resolution, I really want to make a nice poster for my bedroom. Instead of this little gashapon figure nintendo didn’t create anything with Rosalina so it must be a realy original and beautifull decoration. If you are interested too after Ange10 send me the high resolution I’ll post a link to download it.

Artist: Ange10 / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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