#022 – Solo – Little postcard

An other really cute Rosalina for the blog… Oh yeah… I agree it’s a pretty fast and simple drawing maybe I just see this one in a postcard Merethide sent me from Prague… She sent a message asking who wanted to receive a card so you can be sure I answers and I went every day in her facebook account to play sims so I exepted a great card and I received one awesome…. How nice… ^^

So in the cover you can see the Old town square with Tyn Church (photo on the right) and more interesing behind a nice message with this beautifull Rosalina… I was lucky the postman don’t decided keep it… XD

Other funny detail, as adress Merethide writed “Jérémie BLANC” and “Huge fan of Rosalina“… She dared… Maybe it’s true but I’m curious what the postman think about that. But I reveived the card and it’sthe more important… thanks so much Merethide… (^o^)/

Last thing, at start I hesitate to show you the entire card maybe the rest is for me.. Of course…. ;p

Artist: Merethide / Cost: 0$ (postcard)

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