#027 – Solo – Hair slide Rosalina

I have really special colleagues at work, some often ask me about Rosalina and the blog, not really because they are interesting but make fun, they are not really bad persons, that’s just so bad they need that to laugh, I hope their life are better than I imagine… But this time it’s my turn to laugh about them… Mwahahaha!!! Oups, I forget they follow the blog, must run…. Bwaaaaa… T_T

Though, there is an trainee, a little more curious and crasy but more sympathetic who drew a little sketch with Rosalina (see it on the right), at start the hair style was wrong because Beverley (yeah, it’s his name) forget hair in front of her right eye so it was more Peach than Rosalina but the mistake was fixed so it’s one more Rosalina for the blog… ^^

And about Rosalina with Peach Hair style, it’s not the first time it happend (pretty often in fact), when I ask a drawing with Rosalina and an other girls, artists often think to Rosalina – Nintendo – Peach, so sometimes they suggest a drawing with Peach and Rosalina, in this case they must know what differences have these two girls or when they just want to draw a solo Rosalina, they have Peach hairstyle in mind, that’s why I must continue this blog to show how Rosalina is more powerfull cute and beautifull than Rosalina… Oh yeah… XD

This new drawing was made by Jude with felt-tip pen during the “Love Japan” meeting, not something huge but it was a really funny moment… So when I saw Jude make some illustrations, you can be sure I asked her if she can draw a little Rosalina and she answer ” why not “… That’s so nice.. (^o^)/

I love see artist drawings, that’s so powerfull how they can represent something with 2 lines, it look easy but in fact we need a lot of experience and practice to reach this level, for the moment I have a huge level to ask drawings with Rosalina, but to draw…. Hum… Forget that… T_T

So like I said, a little error with the hair style, after notice it to Jude she cheat adding two hair slide but I was really pleasant look at her during the line and the coloration. Jude made this drawing in 15mn, just awesome… XD

Artist: Jude / Cost: 0$ (Request)
(first time I link a tumblr account, so hard to pronounce tumblr)

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