#014 – Solo – Chibi Rosalina

Merethide is a really nice friend she drew some pics for me, ask commissions as gift for me and this time, she can have a free Chibi as reward and ask Rosalina to ooneithoo… That’s so nice… Thanks so much Merethide you are an adorable artist and friend and thanks to ooneithoo for this sooo cute Chibi…. (^o^)/

Merethide receive this chibi from ooneithoo for her contribution to the site “France officiel “… That’s a little curious to write this post in english because Merethide, ooneithoo and me are french… But nothing here is in french…. Maybe… A Harmonie, la plus belle femme au monde ta beauté et ce blogs ne pourrons mourir tant que j’existerais… Now if you don’t understand french, that’s your problem… XD

So it’s a huge thanks to Merethide and congratulations to ooneithoo. It’s my first Chibi Rosalina and this one is just so beautifull and cute… Maybe it’s the definition for a Chibi but I’m really happy show this one, Rosalina is so adorable with her Lumas, now everybody can see she’s an incredible character…

ooneithoo have a really nice style and gallery so don”t hesitate to take a look and comment if you like, artist love nice comments (me too but not a lot in my blogs… T_T). Maybe ooneithoo‘s is great but for the moment, this pic is the best as me, not use to say why… XD

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