#041 – Original – Kiera

I found a really curious and pretty interesting site: ask.fm… The objective of the site is people come to ask and you answer, that’s simple. The idea is pretty funny but not use to search me in this place, I don’t have account. For the moment I think with comments you can easily contact me but I also plan to add a chat and twitter if you are interested…

Today it’s a point request I asked to EpicOswald88 during the time I helped Merethide to manage her deviantart account is now given up and I’m back to my old account: blancj11 (than I want to rename as Harmonie_Rosalina).

So today Rosalina meet a new and really lovely OC (original character): it’s Kiera. I tried to find more about her in EpicOswald88‘s profile, gallery and Tumblr but instead of a lot of ponies (so much in fact) and an other fanart of Kiera (see it here) I don’t have anything about the character and her story, why I didn’t asked some informations to EpicOswald88 before prepare this post… That’s not really professional… T_T

It’s the first tile Kiera meet Rosalina so it’s normal she’s curious about these little and really cute starts who named her “mama“. Generally when artists draw Rosalina and an other character, if there is a Luma there are always curious about what happened and this time it’s the other character who discover more about the Luma, that’s really original and Kiera is so adorable with this face expression… This drawing is really beautifull… ^^

EpicOswald88 have a really nice style and if you are interesting to commission her there is more info about her price-list and rules here. Fanarts, Original characters and ponies are ok. I think if I create a Rosalina x My little pony project she will be sure to hear me… XD

Artist: EpicOswald88 / Cost: ??? (Point commission)
Deviantart: http://epicoswald88.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: http://eosponystable.tumblr.com

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