#038 – Original Character – Akane

The best memory I have from the Japan Expo when I was cosplayed into Rosalina is a young boy (5-6yo) coming to me and saying “I know you, you are on one of my game”. He was a little scared and marveled, just so cute… ^^

I hope a day someboby will come to me and say “Are you the owner of the Rosalina x girl blog” and I’ll say “Yes”…. Oh yeah… By the way photos are coming soon, I asked my friend to take photos of me with some other cosplayer (girls of course), I think I’ll create a special page… Stay turned…

After Paccu it’s an other lovely artist who accepted to participate to the Rosalina x Girl project with her cute OC Akane. A huge thanks to crazyness96 who accepted the challenge and as you can see the result is so beautifull. Crazyness96 said she’s sad it don’t look really romantic but I’m sure you agree for “beautifull” and “lovely”… They are gorgeous… °w°

When I created the blog I never expected see Rosalina with OC (original characters) but I discovered so much amazing characters in deviantart and other sites. These girls are not so famous but are also really interesting, they have a nice story (maybe sometiems really sad) and these character have all the artist love…. It’s really drew by crazyness96 with all her heart… ^^

You can find a lot of information about Akane or Ashley here. there is a little quote but don’t hesitate to visit crazyness96‘s profile to see more or her art… Oh yeah… XD

This OC belongs to the TMNT 2012 fandom o3o, Ashley lives in an apartment building with her uncle and his wife, both American, the Japanese part of her genetics comes from her father, Josuke Ochiai; her mother is Ashley Gold. Both of her parents are always away on business, that’s why she lives with her mom’s brother, Charlie. Since she doesn’t want to stick out in the crowd, she tells people she’s named after her mother, even if that’s not true; she wants others to believe she’s from NY. She believes it’s enough to have pitch black eyes and light blonde hair.

Artist: crazyness96 / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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