#020 – OC – Fighting Rosalina

I never expected than a job can be so boring and tiring at the same this, all the day sit writing procedures for the dismantling of the nuclear power plant but I’m so tired after this, so bad… Maybe after this one there is 5 other drawing I need to publish no time to be lazy… XD

For this second drawing from the Lyon comics festival by LDF (Yeah, it’s his artist name… Original), this is a really special Rosalina I have to show you, first because it’s the first time I see her so agressive and violent like this, not the same thing than her kindness and friendship in Mario Galaxy (maybe she start to be more dangerous with a blue carapass in mario kart)… And this drawing was made in less than 5 minutes, it was really impressive see LDF make it… And the result is awesome… Oh yeah.. (^o^)/

And for those who don’t understand french, Rosalina say “Sale gueuse”, so if I want everybody understand just say you can translate by “Fucking bitch“… Hey… I told you she’s agressive… XD

I said like the title the other girl with Rosalina is an OC, but in fact I don’t have idea about that, it’s symply I don”t recognize this girl, I hope LDF will confirm that… ^^

If you are curious about LDF and want to see more about his art, this time I have a nice blog for you, http://grimmworld.fr/, all in French but a lot of awesome posts so it you can read French, you must take a look and if you can’t… Sorry… But in fact I’m really happy because this time french have the power to stop you… Mwahahaha…

Artist: LDF / Price: 5euros (7$)

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  1. Grimmworld fr

    huhuhuhu, salut jeremie, je viens de voir ton commentaire, merci du coup ^^ j'espère qu'on se reverra l'année prochaine ou à un autre festival ^^


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