Just me… And Rosalina… (^o^)/

I was so excited show you this pic that I prepare the post yesterday, now just have to click on “publish” and it’s done… So powerfull… ^^

This photography is like a dream, I see some guys asking drawing like “me and Rosalina” but I’m not a fictive character so I can’t really meet Rosalina in a drawing but in truth, it’s an other thing… and it happend… When I see the cosplayer during the mang’azur I was so exciting and pretty stupid run while shouting “There is Rosalina… There is Rosalina…” and when I was front of her… Wow, I finally meet her… (^o^)/

Maybe I know Rosalina is a game character, so I just see a cosplayer wearing clothes of the more beautifull and cuttest girl in the world (as me)… But it’s not the same thing than just see a pic, during a moment I never think about fictive or not, just it’s Rosalina and meet her turn me totally crazy for all the day…

I was really happy meet Rosalina and at start I think to take photographies with her and other cosplayer like Peach or other for the blog but she say she prefer be quiet for a moment but after, I try to find her and when I see the Peach and ask where is Rosalina, just see a girl without the blue dress, it was over… And I was really sad at this moment (not cry but it was just)… So I’m happy meet Rosalina, have a photo with her, but it’s so hard to see it’s over, and the cosplayer say me she wont use the cosplay again… Bwaaaaa… T_T

I want to say a lot more about this awesome day but like my english level, I think this post don’t need much mistakes and like all people who read all I write, more is not use… Just want to say Rosalina was a

Artist: Me / Price: Hum…
It was curious write that… XD

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