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#755-756 – Meeting shnoogums5060’s divas

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy sex fuck futanari princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy sex fuck tentacle

I said there is more than 100 exclusive patreon rewards coming each year but get all this art for the project also need lot of work and time. The first step is to find artists and at this point is looks seriously like spamming when you see I wrote more than 6.666 messages on Deviantart and 27.932 on HentaiFoundry (you also see about the pervert side from difference between DA and HF).

I don’t even count private messages and emails, not that I’m lazy to check but most of then were deleted to only keep the last one with full description. As long the project is alive I’ll never stop make this increase but wonder if there is other cool site I can search for artists, any suggestions guys?


Anyway this time there was no spam needed but a wonderfull surprise when Shnoogums5060offered me to take part to the project with the enthusiast I was hoping to see since I started the project. I was expecting a really hot piece from the artist first suggestion then another more naughty came and finally Shnoogums5060 managed two illustration featuring Rosalina and some of his divas OC that it’s time to present you… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

First piece: Rika’s Tentacle Tongue

The first point I have to tell about that illustration is the tentacle is only a gadget that Rika putted in her mouth, I agree it’s first time I see that kind or toy, tentacles one were more like dildos in general (or real for even more action) but can’t deny Shnoogums5060‘s idea is original and why not? After all there exist some face strap-on and there is one detail I love as messy addict is that toy ‘kinda tough to keep the saliva from coming out of her mouth‘ and the idea it keep and spread the saliva is so cool… °w°

Second piece: Doing Rosalina From Behind

After a hot time with Rika, Rosalina trip goes even more intense since Shnoogums5060 decided involve her in a porn movie record where ‘Shogoku is filming Li going at it in fucking Rosalina’s ass with her big massive erect cock‘, at last Li used a condom but I don’t think it was really different from Rosalina being hard fucked by this huge futa dick. It looks a bit cruel for a so pure and innocent princess to get in that kind of situation but as Shnoogums5060 said, Li will do her best give a good time to that sweet princess as if don’t looks easy like Rosalina’s expression and personally all I wish is to get a copy from this record… Who don’t? ^^’

Not his first Rosalina illustration, Shnoogums5060 already drew that the cute princess in so hot situation like the piece you can see on the left. For more you can commission Shnoogums5060 for single illustration or get a pack but I’m surprised some packs are more expensive, as example a full body cost 250 points and a three full body pack is 900 points so 300 per full body, basically packs are made to get a discount so can be an error or maybe there is a reason… O_o

Artist: Shnoogums5060 / Cost: 350 and 450 D.A. points as commission
Deviantart: www.shnoogums5060.deviantart.com
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/shnoogums5060
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#742 – Dressing room

Someone told me on twitter the link to get the second chapter of the comic wasn’t working, simple reason selfy putted down my account due to new policy that don’t allow adult and copyright stuff. Anyway it’s fixed and the two chapters of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic are now available so don’t miss get a chance read them… ^^

I’m preparing a little event but for now it’s hard get time work on the project, the access to the website is blocked at work and I’m out of city due to family reasons all week-end lately. For sure familly is something really important that you have to care about but it’s also goo to have some free time to relax too sometimes.


There is really famous illustration with overwatch character and thanks to Tallon there is now a dressing room illustration with Rosalina and his two lovely OC Angel and Tess, cute face and sweet ass drew by SaMelodii, I hope you like it guys. Tess is on the left, Angel in the right and in the middle, SaMelodiicouldn’t fit in rosalina face but I think u get it‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I’m sure a little pervert but can’t resist to the powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness, a great close on the lady asses with a little panty tease on Angel, SaMelodii also made the girls looks so cute and adorable in the mirror reflection. Also more than a sexy piece, this one allow us to imagine what kind of suit they will wear (or not) and what will happen next. SaMelodii did a great work on ladies but also the background with lot of details and make me wonder what behind the “exit” °w°

If you want to see more about SaMelodii then don’t miss visit her HentaiFoundry or support on patreon. And if you wish to get a commission it’s th perfect time since there is ‘Summer deal: buy one commission, get one half off‘. From adorable sketch for really naughty comic page there is nothing SaMelodii can’t manage and she’s also open to many fetishes, just check the commission page linked below if you are curious.

Artist: SaMelodii / Cost: ??? (gift)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/SaMelodii
Deviantart: www.samelodii.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundy: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/SaMelodii/profile

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#728 – Archers’s new (princess) target

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian adult crossover clash clan royal archer queen princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian adult crossover clash clan royal archer queen trap femboy crossdress

Got the first sketch for the patreon raffle reward that member can see, it show Rosalina and the OC Imelia owned by Kittehskye. Anyway the artist isn’t really happy with this one and want try another pose even more naughty so let see what will come. For sure I keep you in touch… ^^

Was night at museums in France, some were open and free from 7:30pm to 1am and it was a great opportunity visit one with some friends. A special expo/even that was useless in my opinion but the museum itself was really pleasant to visit as if not the first time I go in this one. What amazed me the most are paintings with some huge and impressive or other really realistic.


Now here is a new piece from my deal with the amazing DigitallyDeviant that was so kind and accepted work on a threesome drawing Rosalina with archer and archer queen from Clash of Clan (or Clash Royal). Once again, I posed as model for this illustration but compared to the other DigitallyDeviant’s creations (see all here), I had to take the pose for the 3 characters instead of just Rosalina to have it easier to manage since a trio need so much work as you can imagine, even more adding interactions between characters.

Not so much kinky fanarts about games like Clash of Clan or dungeon defender that also have some sweet characters that would make a nice duo with Rosalina. I talked with DigitallyDeviant that I wanted a character from Clash of Clan to be with Rosalina but can’t decide from the archer or queen, finally he accepted for a trio (thanks sooo much). Other detail you sure noticed but can be wrong at a point is, there is a female and trap version for Rosalina but no futanari as many can imagine. It’s not like there is a preference about trap/futa (though a little in fact) but it’s also due to DigitallyDeviant‘s model that have some special attributes… ^^’

I really love how turned this piece from the start as if there was some adjustments DigitallyDeviant managed, he made queen dick finer and moved the archer closer to Rosalina the have the dick not like horse size as if it can sounds even more naughty at some points. There is also Rosalina leg the moved due to the new position of the archer, I kinda think it was more interesting have the leg laid down archer shoulder dut I suppose that way was easier for DigitallyDeviant to manage. Finally must say looks sooo hot wearing high heels and the creamy touch is also a powerfull detail…. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Lately DigitallyDeviant work on several project but that are all private but once again you can see all Rosalina he made here. Feel free to have a look at his HentaiFoundry page to drop him a comment or maybe if you are interested commission him for some naughty project you can also contact him by mail. DigitallyDeviant his a really pleasant person and sure don’t bite… ^__^

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal
Mail: digitallydecadent@gmail.com

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#695 – New master for Terra & Celes

princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn yuri lesbian nsfw crossover final fantasy terra celes

I was asked if the winner of patreon raffle can also suggest and artist as the pose and second girl with Rosalina, it’s a really good question and basically it more depend of the artist commission price and if it can fit the budget but basically patrons can suggest artists that I’ll reserve them until they wont the raffle.

I’ll also try to make a little shooting this week-end preparing new references for DigitallyDeviant with a little corset I ordered. Compared the one I got is white an black compared to the photo. I know the blue one looks like made for Rosalina but no discount, anyway those are maid color that is a fetish many peoples have… ^^


As if Rosalina is a so ravishing and lovely princess, she also have the power be a master and it’s what discovered Terra & Celes from Final fantasy series. That illustration was created by PixelJail (formerly PostWatershedArt) that accepted participate to the project as request to train before open commission and now get a really good level as you can see on the left illustration that is one of his more recent post. So today illustration is a bit sketchy and don’t show PixelJail‘s actual level but no way don’t enjoy it… ^^

Rosalina is a princess but Nintendo never gave her a throne as she deserve, thanks PixelJail who fixed that point and also added some sweet company that also looks so sexy, Terra’s top moving down as Rosalina’s dress and Celes with a so sexy corset (that I love so much) revealing those small but cute breasts. They all looks so quiet and lovely so nothing that explicit here and we all can imagine how it will goes next, can stay that way or goes a little more kinky but still romantic. PixelJail created a piece that can inspire great stories with that trio and maybe one that can be use for a new chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service… °w°

A huge thanks to PixelJail for all his time and efforts spent on this illustration. I hope I’ll be able manage to commission him soon to be able show how Rosalina can look in his actual style, maybe more sweet or even more kinky, who know. If you wish to see more there is many places to enjoy PixelJail‘s art listed below so don’t miss to have a look. You can also find his commissions info here to discover about prices and also he do illustrations too explicit for D.A., Interesting… ^__^

Artist: PixelJail / Request (now close)
Tumblr: www.pixeljail.tumblr.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PixelJail
Patreon: www.patreon.com/pixeljail
Deviantart: www.pixeljail.deviantart.com

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#655 – Naughty trio for naughty costumes

Thanks to all that supported me for this month and congrat to Curtis that won September patreon raffle. This time you can request Lunakiri a duo with Rosalina for sure but you are free for second girl, pose, clothes and any fetishes you want to add as long it match the artist style and rules. Anyway Lunakiri lost internet for a month so it will be a little delayed, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but give plenty of time to find a great idea. ^^

Edited the html code of the site at some points, the more noticeable change is finally titles that now appear in black color instead of that blue close to backgroudn color, easier to read on that way. Wanted to put them in yellow the titles and header are linked and change color give some crazy results O_o


To be able have regular updated on the blog I must always keep some illustrations in backside for when I don’t receive a lot so they are always a delayed from the moment I received them from the artist. Anyway it don’t always work that way and that’s understandable as for Psicoero that directly published it on his side after finished this princess trio. Since it was published on rule34 and HentaiFoundry so better it goes on the blog and Tumblr at same time to be sure everybody enjoy it and use that awesome piece Psicoero made to promote the project.

You can see on the right that Psicoero already drew that kinky trio for the project (See the full post here) and told me he would love work on that trio again and it was a good opportunity for me too. There is some kinky outfits inspired from Mario series that I love so much and wanted to keep as ref for an illustration, so it was a great way to get some of my fav in the same piece. I sent them as ref to Psicoero, Peach with Bowser suit created by CaptainJerkpants, Rosalina as Tanooki inspired by Legoman art and catgirl suit for Daisy from Mario 3D World game inspired by an illustration I received last year.

Since those suits were important for me, the pose also was a little challenge cause have to be something nice that make all girls interact together but still offer us a nice view on each body to enjoy those sexy outfits. I sent some refs to Psicoero but he finally go on his own with the pose and the one he figured was perfect, just think he must have a little fetish for girls licking from behind, already happened twice for Peach and also can’t be perfect without some sexy high heels as I love, thanks so much Psicoero… \(^o^)/

*at first Psicoero missed the suits refs I sent him and sketched the trio wearing lingerie. I really wanted get those suits I had in mind from the start and he had the kindness change it for me but be sure as lingerie lover is hard take that decision and know this sexy lingerie will never see the light. Anyway I’m always amazed by Psicoero style and how he can make some impressive realistic look sometimes so be sure consider commission him kinky fanarts or celebrities illustrations. You’ll be able see him streaming your commission on Picarto and that sure really powerfull to see how goes your illustration… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Cost: 70€ (55€ for patreon)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero/
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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#641 – Horns and femdom

Wasn’t here lately and bad news when I’m back, I first received notification that I got two new patreon members and wanted to write a thanks message but noticed they left after stole the content (those bastards), if only patreon can prevent this shit and block access to content until there is a confirmed pledge. Maybe it does exist but must contact patreon about that.

Other bad new about the newsletter, recently it stopped work and most of the subscribers wasn’t able to receive it, at first thought it must be a problem from the plugin and tried several other systems/sites but always the same result. I discovered than some mails are blocked after sending and after some researches that the blog is blacklisted on some places cause corrupted, checked all the site and nothing so I’ll wait and see how things goes.


 Then many external troubles with that project but that’s not enough to stop it and let me present you the next illustration I received from Ar018. Rosalina exploring a new world meet two faun girls and seem it’s kinda the melting season for those two horns girls that decided to abuse of the sweet princess body or maybe it’s Ar018 that imagine that race to be really naughty in general.

First of all, Faun girls are mythological half humain-half goat,humain from head to chest excepted the fact they have horns, also Fauns and Satyrs were quite different creatures and you can read more about both on this wiki page. Also for those into Wracraft, be sure as if Fauns and Draenei have some anatomical similarities, they origin, story and either skin are totally different. So be careful talking to Ar018 or other artist to be sure don’t say something stupid confusing Faun, Satyr or Draenei.

Ar018 always drew several illustrations with his so pretty as sexy faun girl but never expected he will decide then pairing them with Rosalina when accepted to participate to the project pairing a virtual princess and myological animal girl. This impossible crossover looks really surprising but work perfectly with Ar018 that was able make both fit perfectly together then then make sometime damn hot that little perverts must enjoy, thanks so much… \(^o^)/

And about pervert side I sure you noticed Ar018 drew a really hot illustration, Rosalina giving a cunni being anal fisted and that red color on her hole make it even more rough. Really love that painting style on the background that is really fantasy and both those girls are ravishing, and the black haired one have so perfect breasts that no one can resist fondle them but as you can see hear, Ar018 teach us that we must be really careful with Faun girl.

Feel a little stupid cause when Ar018 sent me the illustration, I focused to ask him put the link of the blog first cause when illustrations are shared on other forums or sites like rules34 it’s the only way I have to promote the project and it’s after that I noticed Rosalina hair lock is on the front of her left eye instead of the right. Also didn’t wanted to reverse it myself destroying what Ar018 created and also his signature so I keep this error for myself (face hitting desk). Anyway don’t miss take a look at Ar018‘s art cause many more faun ladies and epic illustration (naughty too for sure), he’s on DeviantArt, HentaiFoundry and Tumblr so no way miss him… Oh yeah…

Edit: Ar018 offered me to edit the illustration to fix Rosalina hair. Thanks so much \(^o^)/
Artist: Ar018 / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: www.ar018.deviantart.com
Deviantart: www.ar018.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Ar018/profile

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#615 – Indivisible pleasure

This blog is in honor to Rosalina for sure but also all artist that help me with the project. Also an illustration isn’t just what you see once the artist publish it, each one need lot of work and have its own story, sometimes fun, sometimes originals but some are sad too, luckily it’s rare. ^^’

Also was able to get back all data from my hard drive, was kinda expensive but I prefer that way that lost everything. Now all refs folders are back so it can start again. Just keep in mind that a regular back-up can sounds really annoying but is really more powerfull when that kind of shit happen.


A new publication that had to be here since long time and that finally come cause I always said every pieces deserve to be on the blog and OJ also did a great job on her side so no reason make her wait longer (and no reason make her wait at all in fact) but this one always make me sad and stupid cause what happened when I commissioned OJ, that my fault after all but you never feel happy about something stupid you did. U_u

All started with this screen I made from a porn movie and that I love so much to use as reference, wanted to see Rosalina in that way.When Halloween was here OJ opened special commissions with a great discount and was a nice opportunity mix many fetishes I had in mind. Rosalina in that pose, a trio with OJ and Suika‘s respective OC and some outfits for Halloween. Rosalina dressed as Tinkerbell, Suika‘s OC as Peter pan and OJ‘s one as Captain Hook, love so much Tinkerbell that Rosalina like this would have be so damn sexy and but admit I considered that ideas as the best (and more exciting) I had for the year and was so happy seeing OJ make that idea come true… °w°

Now start the sad part, as you know artist and real life don’t always miss so nicely and OJ was really busy with other things so no time to work on the illustration on the first weeks. Once she was finally back and ready Halloween was over and I suggested do something different and then a trio with the mascot Ajna and Baozhai from Indivisible game.

Since the new idea wasn’t Halloween related I lost the discount (logical) so had to reduce quality due to by budget and it ended with a flat colors illustration. OJ sure did her best so the final version is really cool and she sure worked hard on it but due to my decision I destroyed the costume fetish and lovely trio I had in mind at first. Shit. U_u

At last I hope you enjoy this illustration and OJ efforts guys, feel free to take a look to her gallery for many (better) illustration, some sensual pieces to other more kinky but also with a sensual mix into cuteness and sexiness, no want you can’t be addicted to her powerfull style.

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#608 – Tiny electric lovers

April is close and you’ll have two chance win a illustration then put your fav girl and fetishes with Rosalina. One will be on the blog as next edition of Your dream by…, you can see previous editions here, the artist will be BandiJones and second chance with the participation of JamilSC11 for patreon raffle. Stay tuned. ^^

Also added new pieces on the gallery page, still a lot to do to reach the current illustrations but if you are curious it’s a great way to discover about the first illustrations and posts from the beginning of the project.


I expected wait a little before show you this illustration since Lunakiri is still absent (I hope to her about her soon) but love so much this illustration that I can’t resist longer, here is now another piece for ‘Where is my pokemon?‘ project featuring her OCs Adrian that I love so much as Minum (blue) and Nats as Plusle (red). Lunakiri made both so cute and sweet but also really kinky and ready to have many fun with that perfect princess body. Oh yeah… °w°

Lunakiri have really lovely OC and they work so nicely for this project, more than just a random pokemon lady it’s more fun to have a sweet girl dressed as pokemon and be able see her on other illustrations/situations. You can see them on the illustrations, from the left to the right let me present you Nats, Adrian, Ria and Belle. As if Adrian is my fav each one have a different colour that can allow many pokemons especially for fire, water and grass. Also Minum and Plusle are cute duo that Nats and Adiran can suit really good, or like the illustration Lunakiri made I must say so perfectly… \(^o^)/

Not so much gijinka existing with minum and plusle, some with girls wearing dress were so adorable but wasn’t so powerfull for something more kinky and dynamic. To suit the pose Lunakiri decided give them gloves and thigh-high for clothes part and for sure ears, tails and marks on cheeks. Also asked for Rosalina to get some lingerie and high heels and it looks so awesome on her. Lunakiri also did a great job with Rosalina expression and juicy touch that make it even more intense and exciting. I hope you like it guys and don’t miss all pokemon ladies she made on ‘Where is my pokemon?‘ page.

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$
Website: Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#601 – Helping Mercy and Mei to relax

600th illustration was here and now waiting for 700th or 400th lady with Rosalina. For now I’ll continue do my best to find the best posts I can and continue projects like Where is my pokemon?, the Gallery page, give more exclusive stuff to my patreon member and talking with an artists about comic so maybe a new chapter for Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Stay turned. °w°

Also after some awesome but crazy high heels shoes I bought a biker Rosalina cosplay, the original creator is really tiny and it wont suit on me but a true Rosalina biker suit in latex will look so incredible for my collection. Also for now must take care of my wig but don’t have hairdressing skills so will be a pain to manage… O_o


Today I have two illustrations commissioned by JizzThunder that is kinda talented and skilled but finally only one is for the blog. At first commissioned him a duo and trio with Rosalina (what else) but he wasn’t interested add the watermark on the illustration cause that kind of publicity is kinda commercial use (and since I see Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic I can’t tell him he’s wrong but like what I spend/earn for this project, I finish spending more than 1.000$ each year. I do this project for fun and not for money but JizzThunder opinion is understandable so I decided to change the second illustration changing Rosalina by a lady that I love so much to turn it as more personal commission that won’t be linked to the blog since no Rosalina inside.

I don’t have time and money to pay some publicity for the blog and this watermark is the only way I have to make people discovering my project around the net and make this place alive. Finally I decided to let this second commission on the blog budget, it will destroy like two months budget and no choice to decrease quality for the next publication but in that way it’s a good lessons for the future and I must never forget ask the artist about watermark before start a commission. Finally JizzThunder made me a little surprise and added the watermark in the Rosalina and Tinkerbell illustration (that you can see on the right) but it’s not an illustration for the ‘Rosalina x Girl‘ project and can’t work so I prefer offer you the clean version without watermark.

Love how the duo turned and was powerfull looking at JizzThunder livestreams while he was working on it, colouring small parts to make each pixel looks perfect. On both illustration the result is awesome with so many details and cool ideas on characters or background. JizzThunder was able choose from all ladies from the series and finally he ‘was thinking Mercy and Mei, because 1) Tracer and Widowmaker are way over used and 2) I’ve wanted to draw Mercy for some time now, and Mei looks cute and cool’.

As for the pose for make all ladies looks great, Mercy was a huge challenge for JizzThunder cause since the character is recent and don’t have many official illustrations or fanarts it’s not easy find good references about the character. Love so much how all ladies turned, Mei so adorable face and chubby touch as exiting with that creamy pussy getting fingered, Mercy tasting some princess juice and keep an eye on that huge dildo on Rosalina ass. Finally Rosalina so sweet and sensual, she’s gorgeous and so hot but keep something innocent that make a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness. Also asked JizzThunder to give her those high heels I love so much and the lingerie with see through effects and Luma decoration is sooo incredible… \(^o^)/

Artist: JizzThunder / Cost: 35$

One year ago: Lovely pokemon and catgirl
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#527 – Splatoon squid sisters want a… Squirt

Talked with Ska about some idea I had for the next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service and after some edits he have now the final version of the script. I’m happy how the story turned but I still can imagine and describe the hottest scene, no trouble to imagine what happen before and after sex though… Must write childre books if I wasn’t so pervert… XD

Also learned that I must be careful with YCH auction, I won one bondage pin-up that I really wanted cause the pose is gorgeous but like artist pricelist, for the same price I was able to get a duo… So stupid… T_T


On May 29th, the game Splatoon is officilay available on WiiU, like the huge promotion Nintendo made and all naughty fanarts on the web I’m sure you already heard and maybe know about this game. I also really wanted to have something with Rosalina and it’s xxxbattery who accepted this challenge and made a wonderfull illustration. He really have an amazing realistic style so was sure he wont be confident with Splatoon characters design (also must pair them with Rosalina) butxxxbattery answered “Splatoon sounds awesome” and you can imagine what happened next. I hope you like the result guys.

Those two ladies playing with Rosalina body are squid sisters singers (and fighters), named Callie for purple one and Maris for green one (also know as Aori and Hotaru in Japan). They appeared during the Nintendo direct about Splatoon for a short time but until I get the game, can’t tell what they will do in but at last you can be sure they get so much fanarts due to her crazy and original design. At first wanted a true fighter and messy piece from xxxbattery but a little kinky trio with Rosalina, Callie and Marie sounds so powerfull… Also for messy touch, xxxbattery drew already some fluid and there will be much more once they will make Rosalina cum… °w°

Callie and Marie design is fun, both are nice suits but my favorite detain are those crazy hats, a reversed slice of bread for Marie and a bowl (like the one to get food to dog) for Callie, btw xxxbattery made an error on this one and drew it like a normal hat instead of a bowl. I wasn’t able to be here during the livestream for a moment and missed the line of this part so was to late to ask for a change but it’s not xxxbattery fault and for the rest she’s perfect.

xxxbattery said he think to make a speedpainting of this illustration so stay turned if there is more to come and if you want more from this incredible artists you can find him on so much places like HentaiFoundry, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, he also do livestreams on Picarto and will open soon his own websitexxxbattery.com. So much places to manage, like all the time I spend only with the blog it’s really impressive. Don’t hesitate to visit some places, no doubt you will enjoy his art and maybe why not request him a day… ^^

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#279 – Naruto – Temari + Hinata

I promised than I’ll publish a video I made for the blog this week but like I said on Twitter I have some troubles for editing, Windows Movie maker crashed and now I have to restart all so it will be funny… Really funny… So guys if you know free software better than Movie Maker don’t hesitate say it as comment, I tried Sony Vegas but the free trial is now over… So stupid… T_T

Like my actual tastes I think it’s Naruto time, after Rosalina x Anko (see it here) it’s a new crossover with Temari and Hinata by Reit. hinata is my favorite girl from this serie and it’s the second time the meet Rosalina. The first was also commission to Reit (see it here) and it’s was the first commission for the Rosalina x girl project.

I love Temari so really wanted to show her again with Rosalina and really wanted to commission Reit again but only a Rosalina x Temari is not really original since this pairing already exist. That’s why I added Hinata who never meet Rosalina and the result is epic, you did an amazing job Reit… (^o^)/

I love lingerie and high heels, I’m sure some of your recognized the reference for anko clothes and I Naruto girls often have some fishnets in their original clothes, sincerely they look so sexy in that way… Sorry guys, they are not nude but I hope you admit they look amazing and damn sexy with these outfits. And maybe if you really want a Rosalina x Temari naked you can commission it… °w°

Reit is a really amazing artist and sincerely you must take a look at this Hentaifoundry and his blog. If you are looking for a commission with Naruto character; Reit is the perfect artist but he don’t only draw characters from this serie… You must see his amazing blog… ^^

#269 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach & Daisy N°3

I played minecraft with some friends and no time for the blog but5 days without any update here, that’s not good. I agree it’s not so much complicated post a new drawing but that’s always so hard find what I can say for a great post and like my english level I’m not really fast… With all updates in the wishlist and first post I think I need like 2 hours for a post… I must work faster… T_T

So let’s enjoy this new drawing by the lovely Bugaboo. He have an awesome style and some drawing so powerfull in his gallery, his arabian girls are damn beautifull (and sexy) but there is other girls I love like Cynthia, Haruhi and if you want to see the other, don’t hesitate take a look to Bugaboo’s gallery (you wont regret it guys)… ^^

After a solo arabian rosalina (see it here), Now it’s time to have some fun with Peach and Daisy in the Harem (but who is the owner?)… I love Rosalina face a little surprised but she still have some experience with Peach and Daisy and like the pose I’m sure she’s ready to enjoy it… Oh yeah…

A huge thanks to Bugaboo because at start the original version is with piercings and naked girls (you can see it here) but Bugabooremembered Harmonie_Rosalina‘s birthday as being around this time, and I remembered he always liked the transparent clothing but disliked the piercings of the Arabian series. So here you go!… And that’s true, I’m not a huge fan of piercings but transparent clothing or lingerie is amazing… Thanks so much Bugaboo… (^o^)/

Artist: Bugaboo / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Black cat from Marvel’s universe (see it here)

#221-228 – Happy Birthday Rosalina

Happy birthday Rosalina (^o^)/
It’s the best day for a little comment… ;p
Yeah, it’s 1st november, so Rosalina have 5yo since her first apparition in Mario Galaxy on 1st november 2007. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day when we can discovert this so beautifull and awesome character…
And it’s today the more important day of the more beautifull and cutest character in the word… Rosalina… (^o^)/

Personally I cooked a little cake for this event, so bad my family find it before I find candles… Thanks so much for all artist who find interest for this event and accepted to participate, I hope update the post again wih more drawing but for the moment enjoy it… ^^


– 1 drawing by KLT1M with a character I don’t know (bad start… T_T)
– 1 drawing commissionned to A-S1y-Fox and already in progress
– 1 drawing by VCampan commissioned by tallon90
– 1 drawing by Eromanboy
– 1 drawing by KABOS
– 1 story commissioned by me to Evil-Rick
– A preview of a story in progress by Merethide

The first drawing I receive by KLT1M, he sent me the drawing on 26th september and said I can’t open it before Rosalina’s birthday… You can imagine how it’s hard to wait for a Rosalina drawing one month… So bad… But I did it, for Rosalina, and there is the result, thanks so much KLT1M… ^^

Last thing, KLT1M said the drawing was rejected by HentaiFoundry and don’t know why. Maybe it’s because proportions or Rosalina’s arm or some lines KLT1M forget to delete, like one in the other character’s arm… Any idea who’s the second girl guys ?


The second drawing is a 15$ commission I asked to A-S1y-Fox who already drew Rosalina doing a blow-job. I was a little sad about this drawing because for a Rosalina x Girl blog, see her sucking a dick don’t really work and I’m so jealous imagine an other man with Rosalina… If you want to see more about this drawing, it’s here.

A-S1y-Fox really have a great style and a lovely character named Luna in his gallery that’s why I asked him a drawing with Luna and Rosalina. for the moment A-S1y-Fox don’t send me the final version so I just have a sketch to show you, hope have more soon… Oh yeah… XD


This next drawing was asked as commission by the dear tallon90 who is not just a contributor but more like a member of the Rosalina x girl project with Merethide who already contributed a lot drawing Rosalina… You are so awesome guys… ^^

So this time tallon90 asked a one page comic to to commemorate Rosalina’s birthday, the result is pretty lovely and sexy like the last panel but I’m so jealous, I hesitate a little to publish this one but tallon90 said to add the link of my blog so I don’t have choice, after all it’s not my commission… But I’m so jealous… Really more powerfull than a little cake.


Other artist who already contribute to the blog twice, the first time with Rosalina and Peach (see it here), a cute Rosalina pin-up (see it here) and participate again. Thanks so much Eromanboy… ^^

I just love his new illustration, a hot Rosalina and a lot of little scenes, the title is “Rosalina funtime” and you can easily understand what Eromanboy mean. The full Rosalina in the middle is damn cute, wet and sexy and about all other parts, my favorite is the one of the top when she suck her tit, that’s so lovely but there is other great with dildos… Eromanboy, you did an awesome work… \(^o^)/


princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian peach orgasm pee watersportKABOS really have an awesome style and I was so happy when he said he accept to participate to Rosalina’s birthday, a little mistake when I asked him to publish the final drawing on 31th November instead of October but he noticed my error and the drawing is now online… And it’s a so powerfull one… (^o^)/

I love transparent lingerie and a little domination so this illustration is so awesome, KABOS did an awesome job and the result is so beautifull and hot, I love hot it turn and you can see the quality is great that’s why I didn’t add a biggest watermark on this drawing… ^^

Interesting detail, artist often make a mistake with Rosalina hairstyle, the original character have hair in front of her right eye and KABOS hid the left eye, the reason is simple, like Rosalina position it can’t work with the original hair-style so artists always cheat about this point… I hesitate to reverse it before show it here but I can’t do anything, I love this drawing, can’t change anything… Thanks so much KABOS… ^^


princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbianSo I continue with a story I asked to the lovely artist Evil-Rick, he already drew Rosalina and his OC Susana one year ago for Rosalina’s birthday… Evil-Rick was the only who participate for her previous birthday and sent me a drawing as gift so this year I sent him a message for a commission. At start I wanted a drawing with his OCs Susana and Satashi but Evil-Rick give me a nice promotion and I bought a two pages story… How nice… (^o^)/

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian dp double penetration fistingIt’s not an error if I said ‘two page story‘ because the 3rd is a little special. In fact when the commission was done Evil-Rick directly published it on his HentaiFoundry account and I forget say to wait a little and add a watermark with the link of the blog, it was two late when I see the story in rule34… This one is amazing and I must lost a lot of views, I was so sad.

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian anal creampieEvil-Rick was embarrassed about this and sent me a mail ” attaching a small “condolence” present ” featuring Rosalina and an other Evil-Rick‘s OC: his futa demon Singal who come give a little more fun to Rosalina after the party… You’re so lovely Evil-Rick, thank so much…


I said with tallon90 there is Merethide who also contribute a lot to the blog, she was to busy to draw something to commerorate Rosalina’s birthday but she really draw her a lot in general ( I have more than 10 Rosalina by Merethide and I’m really happy show you a little preview of a story she’s created. For the moment there is only some illustrations, a cover and a sketch of the 3 first pages but I’ll create a page soon especially for this story…

I don’t think it will be fast, Merethide is really busy and tired with her job but this time she have no choice to finish it… Maybe a day… About the story, I’m Jade (Merethide‘s OC) who invite Rosalina to a pyjamas party with Peach and Daisy… Finaly when Rosalina come Jade say it’s a lingerie party and Peach and Daisy can’t come but in fact… They are here… and will enjoy the scene with some cameras in Jade’s house…

More soon guys… ;p

#143 – Nintendo – Peach + Daisy N°2

princess Rosalina nintendo easter bunnygirl yuri peach daisy

Happy Easter everybody… (^o^)/

Yesterday I see a blog when the girl say see reach 100.000 views and have more 30.000 comments. Here there is 38.000 views and 46 comments for the moment… So bad you are not a lot who comment here… Say your opinion guys… Say you’re alive!!! And about this, a huge thanks to Yukikah who post more than 30 comments here… And to answer to some other comments, I’ll move some watermarks soon on the bottom, It’s now done for Rosalina and Menace, enjoy it guys… (And a thanks as comment is always appreciate… ;p)

So about the new pic it’s a commission asked to EcchiTako, He have a nice style and gallery but the best is his little “Pet play” series click here see it). There is bird, pony and puppy in his gallery, Maybe I really want more with this serie and maybe with Rosalina so I asked a pic… hope you like the result guys.

EcchiTako idea was “Rosalina being fussed over by Peach and Daisy, who are turning her into a little corseted bunny girl.”… Maybe the idea was great a it must a be good post for easter and I love this pic, Rosalina is so beautifull and sexy like this, maybe ask a commission again EcchiTako must be a great idea, I must think about that… ^^

#068 – Mario – Peach and Daisy

Rosalina, Peach and Daisy… I think it’s the most famous and beautifull Nintendo trio… It’s a second time an artist choose this 3 girls after accepted my request.. See the other drawing here

Two really nice and different drawings but only the bust… This pic is more soft, this time they are not nude but have sooo cute faces… Thanks so much to Amytenchi for this incredible pic and her kindness… HentaiFoundry are so nice… But I know some in Deviantart I really love too but are really busy… Not good… T_T

I think for this pic it’s interesting to talk about hair color, there is a lot who think Peach and Rosalina have same hair color, and it’s false… The answer with the artist quote: “I was going to do the same color originally, then I realized that Roselina is more a white blonde, while Peach is a golden blonde“… Of course… And there is some people who say Rosalina as “Peach recolored”, so it’s a Peach_V2, but really more beautifull… ^^

Artist: Amytenchi / Price: Request