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#761 – SAO perversion

I know I can say stupid and clumsy things without justify it’s because english isn’t my main language, anyway being a huge fan of Rosalina and holding this project for more than 5 years you can have a little idea how sweet it sounds when someone you appreciate as both friend and artist say I may not draw Rosalina anymore. This person meaning was a bit different but can’t deny that sentence isn’t clear on its last words. I still feel confuse about that cause as if it’s effective it must be in a long time but fact is this sentence and idea are already here… O_o

Anyway this was a prepared post that I quickly posted with the patreon rewards before be back on my trip in the U.K. I’m sure it’s wonderfull time but since I wrote this article before leave it’s hard to give details for now… ^^’


This was an illustration commissioned before I saw SAO movie that is really good as if some huge story mistake starting from the first narrative sentence anyway this illustration with Rosalina and Azuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online was commissioned to B-side7715 when I started to watch the show. Azuna is a really pretty character and it’s really her design and suit from SAO that are my fav, anyway there is some other cuties from this series that I would love see with Rosalina, maybe draw by B-side7715 too, who know… ^^

The pose was inspired from an illustration really similar that I was fascinated by the perspective, the first sketch was kinda perfect, I just asked B-side7715 to add lingerie to Rosalina and she now looks erotic with garter-belts and that panties I love so much the design (not sure we can call it panties but I don’t care). It was now more than perfect for me and while B-side7715 was working for the final version he edited Azuna head pose, no cunni action but we can better see her cute face and after all this saliva bridge is also really effective.

Cause I love so much the panties I’ll say it again (seems there is a secret fetish clothes DLC on SAO), was always stunned by that point receiving B-side7715‘s WIP until the background came as grand final. B-side7715 made each part of the illustration have something sexy from Rosalina cute face while she enjoy this moment to Azuna pussy that is really wet and will sure get some attention from Rosalina. Don’t miss enjoy those details in the HD version that is same size as the sketch on the right that you can download to get an idea HD big is the full version for patreon members… °w°

After this piece I tried go even more explicit on the next commission then B-side7715 realised he don’t like hard stuff with penetration so this kind of piece is the limit you can commission as NSFW piece, anyway it already looks powerfull that way. B-side7715 is really talented to draw sweet ladies and with shading lately working hard to improve this part so don’t miss have a look at his a href=”http://b-side7715.deviantart.com” target=”_blank”>Deviantart gallery (here) to discover more about his art… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #657 – Does princesses can pout?
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#759 – Epona is back

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Was looking about stats about the blog security, especially to see attack or brute force login and here is how it was for the last week. Honestly what surprised me the most isn’t the number of login attempt, I’m used to much more and protected the site enough to be safe. Anyway I wonder where the fuck come from this attempt using rockypointrita as username. This word have nothing to do with the project. Also as you can see the also tried so much rosalinaxgirl that isn’t an existing user (stupid hackers)… XD


Someone asked me on HentaiFoundry if I favor trap and bondage and this can explain from all illustration by DigitallyDeviant I posted on that site. And now here is a new illustration from out deal with the OC Epona owned by Quaraci. To make it short, she’s an asian girl with horse dick (hard to miss) that I really love and seems DigitallyDeviant was also really inspired thinking of that huge dick ravaging the ass of a cute trap Rosalina.

A hot illustration and powerfull bonus since DigitallyDeviant made 3 different versions; Normal, Trap and Messy, I guess creampie sounds better but I have a huge fetish for all messy things so I keep use this one first. Other difference, DigitallyDeviant managed another expression on Rosalina for the messy version, anyway you must know from some Quaraci‘s illustrations; Epona can cum bucket of cum an so much filling Rosalina’s ass sure must be intense. It’s sure a special style but really hot piece that I hope you like guys. ^^

So another but not his last trap Rosalina piece for now you can see all DigitallyDeviant’s illustrations here. Getting that much trap and futa art lately, it make me wonder about series with trap Characters like this snow white boy on the left but still a project for now. Anyway I’ll finish saying there is another duo with Epona coming made by Quaraci himself coming in the future… Stay tuned… °w°

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal
One year ago: #654 – Hot shota traps party with Imelia
Next to come: Checking the level’s material (NSFW)
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#757 – Harmony of the universe

Another change on the site you didn’t noticed was on the lightbox system, before when you had multiple illustration in a post, you were able switch illustration using left or right key but was impossible save from a right click. Now there isn’t the switch system but you can easily save and share, admitting it’s the second part that I really worry about cause it’s the main way I have promote the project by spreading art with the watermark.

Also got extra hours to do at work this week cause an employee written off sick (this term sounds so weird for a French man like me). There is also another part I want to include for the next huge blog update that will need more work so this one may take more time than expected, I just hope still be able release it on September… O_o


And here is a new illustration by the talented Mazzacho that I still admire so much and feel so happy be able consider him as friend, so bad he’s internet friend as I feel sick to use so much but once teleport technology will be working I’ll be able kick their ass to all that called me like that (sweet dream). For now time to admire Rosalina dressed as Espeon with a Umbreon girl based on Merethide design you can see on the left that allowed me to let Mazzacho use it as reference… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

To be honest, the reason that I really wanted this design was cause how cool looks that Umbreon and the tight effect make the breasts looks sexy and it’s was kinda my only request to Mazzacho, keep the breasts part so sexy and powerfull as it looks in the reference. On the other side, it’s Mazzacho that designed Rosalina outfit with a design inspired by rose petals especially for the bra, and I love much the outfit that is ravishing with the lace and decoration on her arm but also a little sexy adding some see-through effect and the garter-belt… °w°

I’m still amazed each time I look at this illustration by the amount of details and also impressed that Mazzacho was able imagine and draw everything. Both ladies looking like goddess, maybe Egyptian for Umbreon and Arabian for Espeon, I also love on Rosalina the way Mazzacho keeps the gems from Rosalina’s crown for the jewellery hair decoration were is fixed the fabric that represent Espeon ears.

So much part I would like to talks about or even told you about the colouring process I was able to see during those long but marvellous hours where Mazzacho was streaming (and I highly recommend you to follow him on Picarto). I’m so proud of this illustration and hope you’ll enjoy it as me guys and don’t miss spread some love to Merethide and Mazzacho that made this powerfull piece becoming reality… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: 80$
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #629 – The Birth of Rosalina
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#755-756 – Meeting shnoogums5060’s divas

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I said there is more than 100 exclusive patreon rewards coming each year but get all this art for the project also need lot of work and time. The first step is to find artists and at this point is looks seriously like spamming when you see I wrote more than 6.666 messages on Deviantart and 27.932 on HentaiFoundry (you also see about the pervert side from difference between DA and HF).

I don’t even count private messages and emails, not that I’m lazy to check but most of then were deleted to only keep the last one with full description. As long the project is alive I’ll never stop make this increase but wonder if there is other cool site I can search for artists, any suggestions guys?


Anyway this time there was no spam needed but a wonderfull surprise when Shnoogums5060offered me to take part to the project with the enthusiast I was hoping to see since I started the project. I was expecting a really hot piece from the artist first suggestion then another more naughty came and finally Shnoogums5060 managed two illustration featuring Rosalina and some of his divas OC that it’s time to present you… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

First piece: Rika’s Tentacle Tongue

The first point I have to tell about that illustration is the tentacle is only a gadget that Rika putted in her mouth, I agree it’s first time I see that kind or toy, tentacles one were more like dildos in general (or real for even more action) but can’t deny Shnoogums5060‘s idea is original and why not? After all there exist some face strap-on and there is one detail I love as messy addict is that toy ‘kinda tough to keep the saliva from coming out of her mouth‘ and the idea it keep and spread the saliva is so cool… °w°

Second piece: Doing Rosalina From Behind

After a hot time with Rika, Rosalina trip goes even more intense since Shnoogums5060 decided involve her in a porn movie record where ‘Shogoku is filming Li going at it in fucking Rosalina’s ass with her big massive erect cock‘, at last Li used a condom but I don’t think it was really different from Rosalina being hard fucked by this huge futa dick. It looks a bit cruel for a so pure and innocent princess to get in that kind of situation but as Shnoogums5060 said, Li will do her best give a good time to that sweet princess as if don’t looks easy like Rosalina’s expression and personally all I wish is to get a copy from this record… Who don’t? ^^’

Not his first Rosalina illustration, Shnoogums5060 already drew that the cute princess in so hot situation like the piece you can see on the left. For more you can commission Shnoogums5060 for single illustration or get a pack but I’m surprised some packs are more expensive, as example a full body cost 250 points and a three full body pack is 900 points so 300 per full body, basically packs are made to get a discount so can be an error or maybe there is a reason… O_o

Artist: Shnoogums5060 / Cost: 350 and 450 D.A. points as commission
Deviantart: www.shnoogums5060.deviantart.com
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/shnoogums5060
One year ago: #652 – No good party without kinky secret
Next to come: Meeting shnoogums5060’s divas (NSFW)
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#754 – Princess a la mode

I got a message from tumble saying my account is now 4 years old, time going so fast and so much naughty ideas I wish to see Rosalina involved. Anyway it remind me that I have to announce I temporarily stop update tumblr and twitter, there is for sure a reason behind that decision but I can’t tell more for now… Sorry…

And about patreon raffles I’m happy cause already decided what artists will work on both September and October raffles, I keep some mystery here too but at last you can see I’m dedicated to keep the blog and patreon active for a looong time and hope see it move up on the Alexa ranking… °w°


Sometimes we buy expensive things that we never use and other time we can be so happy from really simple things, here I’m so proud how sounds the title decicated to this duo with Rosalina and Praline a la mode from Bravely Default made by the lovely JamilSC11. I get so much art from her lately that must learn new kind words to describe her or my posts will sounds a bit too much repetitive. Anyway this one came as special rewards when you buy two commissions, I don’t know if the offer is still available but JamilSC11 often do special deals so keep an eye on her page if you wish commission her and get a little bonus… ^__^

The Bravely Default dress had to be with solo chibi but this time JamilSC11 drew both Rosalina and Praline that is the boss you have to defeat to unlock Performer job for your team (sorry for spoiling). Being one of the cutest character of the series I’m really happy got a full duo that remember me the show with Rosalina and Samus (see the post here) also drew by JamilSC11 but this one the cuteness level reach a sooo high level… \(^o^)/

I really love how JamilSC11 managed so nicely to mix Praline dress and Rosalina spirit to turn the princess so ravishing in a dress that she totally could wear. Keeping her crown and shoes/thigh-high to be closer to her original design and adding her medallion design in every ribbons on hair, dress, microphone and even shoes. So much little details to manage on a traditional illustration and no doubt there was hours of work to make it, never forget how much efforts need art guys. °o°

For now there is a last illustration by JamilSC11 on the queued and planned for September. No doubt I wish to have more to show you but I’m mostly limited by the budget at this point. Anyway if you want to see more and meed an adorable artist just visit JamilSC11‘s pages, she really active on DeviantArt and lately goes fucking crazing posing League of Legends art on facebook at an insane rate so many WIP and ravishing shiny illustration waiting fot you guys… oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 20$
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com
One year ago: #648 – No pantie for Symmetra
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#752 – Unofficial meeting with Rapunzel

princess rosalina Nintendo tangled rapunzel crossover princess rosalina Nintendo hentai sexy porn tangled rapunzel crossover nude naked

After a month to vote the Misty dress-up poll is close, the naked version was hardly defeated but I keep in mind your interest for this one. According to the actual vote Misty will wear her golden outfit from the first season of pokemon anime but that’s not all. There will have 5 versions draw and coming as patreon exclusive reward, anyway this will need time so the post will be release on September, stay tuned guys.

Also got a new kind and pervert Canadian artist that contributed to the project, he’s pretty excited to see his illustrations posted here but cause the queued and other artists waiting he must wait a bit, be sure I don’t like say that to artists anyway… T_T


Now let me present a new illustration by Paloma that both made exclusive illustration and patreon raffle reward for August so no time to rest for that marvelous artist. About patreon raffle, this month winner is Tallon who asked a duo with Rosalina and Gogo from Big hero 6, no poes or outfit specifications so they are up to Paloma, I hope I’ll get a wip soon to show you so stay tuned…. °w°

As for today illustration, Rosalina meet Rapunzel based on the illustration in the left, I really love that suit being so ravishign and bit sexy with the see-through part and Paloma accepting work on this idea and amaze us one more time with her style. I must admit for me that love detailed and realistic it took me some time to really be use to the blurred touch that is part of Paloma style but add a more romantic and sensual effect, the scene being more mysterious and intimate that way with a sweet romance between both princesses.

I really love the romantic side on this illustration, Paloma sure did an awesome job as if I must admit I’m a little sad she Rosalina arm was moved from the sketch and cover Rapunzel breast, the thigh and see-trough effect was really magic the way it appeared even on the wip so not fun Paloma made this part covered. I guess the reason was to get the pose looks right and like the actual level she sure know what she do, and my side I4ll sure get other opportunity get sexy suits… Oh yeah… ^^’

I hope you enjoy this new illustration and for all patreon supporter that will enjoy the HD uncensored version I want to give a big thanks for your support to the project. Now I have to do my best to have you enjoy the content you get as reward and stay (business rules). Anyway don’t miss discover about Paloma‘s art and drop a little comment or even ask for a commission, she’s kind, talented and dedicated, now only your support is missing… °w°

Artist: PalomaGouthier / Cost: 120$
Website: www.artsofpaloma.com
Tumblr: www.artsofpaloma.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/artsofpaloma
Deviantart: www.PalomaGouthier.deviantart.com
One year ago: #648 – No pantie for Symmetra
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#751 – Joining star guardians

princess rosalina Nintendo star guardian Janna crossover league legends princess rosalina Nintendo hentai sexy porn star guardian Janna crossover league legends nude naked

Keep in mind this is the last publication before close the Misty dress-up poll event and announce winner, you still have some day to go vote for your favorite suit and my side I try don’t look at it to keep the suspense until results. Also for those that already participated remember that you are allowed vote once EACH week so you can give another chance to your favourite(s) suit(s)… Oh yeah… ^^

And it’s a 4 days week-end in France that I’ll enjoy to work hard on the blog and prepare a huge edit coming for September, I have mixed feeling about this cause I do it through some coercion but hope it will work… O_o


At last as visitors you have a funnier job just having to enjoy the content as this new duo with Rosalina and Sailor guardian Janna from League of legends made by the lovely JamilSC11 that make stars glow in our eyes with her shiny style. As you see Rosalina outfit was also inspired by Janna one and there is a little bonus coming with a naked version JamilSC11 managed so nicely. AS pervert naked sounds sure more exciting but the outfits are really beautifull and detailed so this one is sure even more powerfull… °w°

First with the clothed version, I really admire JamilSC11 work on Rosalina dress inspired by Star Guardians outfits but not just like a copy paste. If you take the time look at both Rosalina and Janna outfits they aren’t the same from the neck to boots that looks like garter-belt for Rosalina (how sexy). A special detail I love is the ribbon on Rosalina’s upper arm like the sleeves on her original dress, I wonder if it’s what JamilSC11 intended to do but it’s a nice discrete tribute to Rosalina for her big fans.

Of course if you know about the other illustrations I received from JamilSC11 (see all her Rosalina art here), there is most of the time a little bonus with more sexy version. Compared to the D.va piece, this one no patreon exclusive cause I wanted all to be able enjoy this skills from a so kind as talented artist. The clothed version is my favourite her like how awesome it looks but as little pervert, I can’t deny see Rosalina sweet breasts and perfect body curves revealed is magic. I hope you like it as me guys… oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Don’t miss keep an eye on JamilSC11‘s page for more art and exclusive commission offersas she usually do. Lately it was a free chibi illustration for two illustrations ordered and you will discover about the one I got really soon. On personal side, I want JamilSC11 for completing her thesis, she goes back to draw at a so insane rate after that and published so many awesome and adorable illustrations that I suggest you don’t miss… ^__^

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 20$
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com
One year ago: #648 – No pantie for Symmetra
Next to come: Unofficial meeting with Rapunzel (Ecchi)
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#750 – Mystery with Merida

3/4 done until reach the 1.000th illustration… °w°

Another little change you can see since the Vixxy illustration is an edit at the bottom of the post to easily show the comment section, I noticed it’s not easy to see from the main page until yoo goes on the site itself. for sure I don’t expect get ton of comment with that edit but let see. Keep in mind comments and feedback are really appreciated and maybe a bit of trolling but don’t abuse or I’ll just ignore you.

I also keep the right so delete offensive, useless and spam comments but for now it only happened for comments with links to shitty websites. After all I kept all troll comments posted on Endoh69’s illustration (see it here).


Here is a ravishing duo that I found lost in the folder and come with a huge mistake, The main problem isn’t the delay but that I can’t find the artist who made this illustration 3 years ago and you can be sure I feel really bad about that point. It would be powerfull if someone know who drew this duo with Merida from Brave and Rosalina in Middle Ages dress. I checked my entire mailbox and the soft site but nothing… Bwaaaa… T_T

There is other places I must search and will edit the post if find the artist, for now I let you enjoy this adorable piece that really deserves to see the light, Rosalina looks beautifull with this dress and so adorable with that cute and shy expression, this new dress will be sure really more discrete in Merida’s world to spend time with her new friend and can visit this place. I also admire the fact since the artist putted more efforts on parts that keep out attention the most like both ladies faces and Rosalina dress but then you miss how sketchy are hands.

Another sweet detail is Rosalina with braids, in general I always want to keep Rosalina hairstyle close as the original one from Mario galaxy and hate the ponytail version from Mario 3D World but here it looks so nice on her. The artist was able keep her original hairstyle adding the braids that is a great detail for Middle Ages theme. Close to 6 years of existence for the project and artist continue amaze me every day… ^__^

Unknow Artist / Unknow cost
One year ago: #645 – Double Rosalina… and lingerie
Next to come: Joining the star guardians (SFW / ECCHI)
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#749 – Sweet cuties out of the show

Talking about changes on the project, I’m sorry for the one who recently subscribed but I stopped with the newsletter and recently removed the plug-in. For those that want to know about new publications, there is still twitter or patreon but you can also get new art notification from Patron page just following me without need to pledge. Just a register and follow to get mail notifications, simple, free and effective… ^__^

There was also an appointment with the bank this Saturday about the credit for my future apart, this one also will rule all this month situation and cause many obligations I may not be able pick the best option for me… U_u


Here is a new piece that I hope you’ll enjoy, It’s a bust, it’s sketchy but it’s also sooo adorable illustration made by Mango-Nectar that I feel sad to admit had to wait for too long before get his illustration posted here. Here is a series I discovered watching many clips from youtube but was never able to play (so bad for a fan of rhythmic like me). This time Rosalina meet Miki Hoshii from Idolm@ster series and I feel so happy Mango-Nectar drew my favourite game character from the game… \(^o^)/

The game have many sweet costumes like cow one or this on the the right that (unfortunately) isn’t canon but I love so much, anyway Mango-Nectar decided to do with a waist-up illustration offering us a lovely mix into cuteness and sexiness. A romantic scene that turn even more adorable with the cute smile and both girl blushing and a busty touch for the busty side. Miki looks so embarrassed and this one must be her first time doing it with a lady but I know Rosalina will be sweet and have good care of her young partner, Mango-Nectar created the beginning of a long and romantic night and you can enjoy imagine every pose they will try and even the sweet moaning from both of us… °w°

If you visit his profile, Mango-Nectar drew so many piece since this paring and sure increased his level, a lot of ravishing illustration and a cowgirl I really love and wanted suggest to go discover by yourself but finally can’t resist show then you can see his actual level if you are interested for a commission. There is so many places listed below you can visit or ask for commissions (10$ half-body and 20$ full-body) so don’t hesitate take a look.

One year ago: #645 – Double Rosalina… and lingerie
Next to come: Mistery for Merida (SFW)
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#747 – Lingerie and unexpected guest

I found a nice and talented artist that I will make you discover about soon with a sweet pin-up. I expected more but I wont be able commission him either, thanks to the help of a friend. I already work so hard to make people know about the project and efforts goes vanished so easily, I wonder if it’s to make me understand I have to focus on the project itself and some support/promote artists. I’m really pissed off actually. U_u

What I talk below happened like a week ago and during the time things changed a bit, anyway this paragraph was already written and ready so I keep it like this no because I’m lasy but to keep this as memories. I took several decisions after that and some are already visible on this articles but I’ll explain more on the next post.


I feel really sad about the delay for this illustration but finally come June patreon raffle reward, the winner of this edition was Ivan and the chosen artist Eberry. No special rules or themes to follow this time but Ivan was really surprising asking ‘Rosalina giving a titjob to Vixxy as futa‘. First problem was Vixxy is a moth original character owned by C.haos so before commission it to Eberry I had to ask the right to use her character, fact is she allowed me do it only if I ‘keep Vixxy a full-fledged female‘.

Then I had to talk about it again to Ivan and maybe and change the idea like have Rosalina as futa getting a titjob from Vixxy. I goes with Futa Rosalina only but can’t work again after Eberry told me ‘futas are completely banned from my art. I was close ask Ivan go with another idea and duo but wanted to keep his wish and have Vixxy with Rosalina, I decided remove the futa and titjob side asking Eberry to make a sweet duo in lingerie. I hope you like the result… °w°

Anyway if you wish to commission Eberry, you must be really careful about her term of service and commission rules, there is a basic price per character but the price increase for each suggestion or pose on each character, as example if you ask a duo in lingerie you pay the lingerie option for each character. This point was first made to give more freedom to Eberry and I understand her on that point but be careful with limited budget, she’s awesome for pin-up but can be expensive if you want something specific and/or multiple characters.

Artist: Eberry / Cost: 30$
(24$ two characters + 2$ panty tease theme + 2$ Rosalina lingerie + 2$ Vixxy lingerie)

One year ago: #641 – Horns and femdom
Next to come: I’m a blue cowgirl (Ecchi)
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#745 – Aurin girl make her entrance

I made some tests but have troubles with wordpress, I have troubles configure come features cause seems I edited a bit too much WordPress files and the blog is so huge that it’s impossible make proper exports to make edits on wampserveur. If some of you can give me a hand to manage it, it would be really powerfull cause for no I’m not sure I’ll go with what I have in mind being scary get all the site down… U_u

Also family moving to Spain for a week so I must care about pets, garden and flowers at mother house, with everything already planed this week will be soooo busy but nothing I can manage… ^^


While watching Mazzacho‘s livestream, he told me he really liked an illustration I posted made by Ryev Alki for the project and seeing the rest of his art he was really interested by the duo you can see on the left. I Mazzacho that got some interest for a after see her in a trailer from this game, didn’t expected have him so enthusiastic with this character as me… ^__^

Here turn a ravishing duo in an adorable and little sensual scene, Mazzacho drew Rosalina with a outfit more casual and sexy close to Aurin one. Despite the fact I wonder if Rosalina have a blue belt or if it’s omission during colouring process, there is so many efforts and details Mazzacho putted on the drawing and colouring process. About shading, I love the smooth and sweet color and light crossing tree foliage (learned a new word), it make the illustration much more detailed, impressive and ravishing on the hair and fur… ^__^

I said there is also lot of work on the drawing process cause Mazzacho did so many sketches and poses until reach this one, you can see some of them on the right and also it was really more explicit at the start, kinda love the POV one with panties pulling honestly. Anyway, as if the final illustration is really more sweet allowing me to share it on many places (Oh yeah), there is some sexy details still here like Rosalina outfit, high heels and maybe the Aurin lady that don’t seem wear bra. Don’t know if it’s me or Rosalina but each time Mazzacho create and illustration for the blog it always tend something really sweet and lovely whatever how naughty can be the original idea… ^^’

Mazzacho is sure a talented artist but also have great skills in many fields working on animations, 3D modelling, website creation, etc… I’ll need his help on that last point to prepare something huge. For now don’t miss have a look at Mazzacho’s gallery on deviantart, meet him during stream on picarto or be member of his patreon. If you have an idea in mind that you think could looks great with his style, you can ask about commissions for whatever you want from really safe and adorable to more… Naughty… °w°

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: ??? (gift)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

One year ago: #629 – The Birth of Rosalina
Next to come: Transparent is magic (NSFW)

#EVENT – Misty dress-up poll

Casual, naked, sexy, swuisuit, bondage, costume…
Vote on what suit you want her to wear on this illustration



princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn lesbian yuri crossover pokemon misty dress-up Rosalina and Misty will appear together once again but this time it’s you who decide what should wear Misty, thanks to Mothclip who helped me create and manage this new event where visitor can participate and everybody can vote on the dedicated page (here) during a month and the suit that end with most vote will be draw.
Time to share it and have your friends help your favourite suit win the poll. And for those that took the time read until the end I have a little secret for you… You can vote once each week so don’t miss this opportunity… °w°
15 different pose available for Misty
Which one will you vote for?



#743 – Indiscrete horny winner

It’s a long time no one posted a comment on the blog so I was curious if there is some troubles with it, at a moment all was blocked cause a spam protection pluggin so it could happen again. I finally decided to try and you know what guys? The comment section is perfectly working… :p

More than an illustration, next post will announce a free event everybody can participate. It’s was a long time I haven’t do something to make visitors participate since ‘Your dream by…‘ so I hope this upcoming one will be a success and many people will come to vote during the month… ^^


New piece I received from Ivan that is so supportive as naughty and sent me this illustration made by HauntedDoge, another talented artist than I’m so happy to present you. This piece featuring Rosalina and Daisy during Olympic game award ceremony with a special touch on Rosalina. Before commission this piece to HauntedDoge, Ivan asked me if there would be a problem with futa but since the only rule is ‘no men‘ this fetish was perfectly fine… Anyway Rosalina look really hot that way… °w°

From the first sketch (on the right), you can see Rosalina pose and expression changed for something less excessive and the second point is moving from bust to full body so there was really lot of work for HauntedDoge. There is also a detail that may be wrong, I guess you’ll never see high heels during a gymnastic competition but we are not here to follow rules and standards, even more when you start asking a futa Rosalina revealing a huge bulge in public. We can also talk about their shoes but as high heels addict I will never complain about that decision and HauntedDoge managed them so nicely, it’s powerfull…. \(^o^)/

HauntedDoge made both suits really tight and hot revealing many exciting details like Rosalina’s breasts perfect curves, Daisy pussy and for sure this indencent and shocking bulge according to Daisy expression. A gymnastic suit have to be tight but it must be even more that way for Rosalina since you can even see the vein appear through the suit, not really comfy and Rosalina may be impatient remove it but what can appear once both ladies will be back in dressing room? So much possibilities to continue HauntedDoge‘s illustration, Rosalina removing alone the pressure or abuse of Daisy sweet body in dressing room or even shower, what scene would you imagine?

Feel free left a comment about a subsequent scene or story you could imagine
If looks enough inspiring it could be a great reference for upcoming illustration

If you wish to see more of HauntedDoge feel free visit place listed below, a lot of great piece to see and some so powerfull as hot like Samus, Velma and even Jessie illustrations. Commissions are sure open if you feel interested and as you can see HauntedDoge really do her best for her clients. Just a little sad the blog watermark is missing on her posts, can’t promote the project that way… U_u

Artist: HauntedDoge / Cost: ??? (gift)
Deviantart: www.haunteddoge.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/HauntedDoge
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/HauntedDoge/profile

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#739 – Lunakiri’s birthday (after party)

June 28th 2017 – Lunakiri is turning 29yo
Happy birthday to you… \(^o^)/
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No need introduction for this post fully dedicated to Lunakiri for 29th birthday this June 28th, Happy birthday to you… I wish I could give her a big hug (and not just from skype) but at last I hope Lunakiri will have a marvellous day for her birthday, anyway I also hope the other days will be lovely too, just one a year isn’t fun… ^^

Also a tender and romantic illustration to celebrate Lunakiri‘s birthday draw by… Lunakiri… More I think at it and more it’s stupid ask the once that celebrate his birthday create the illustration that celebrate it instead of get a surprise from another artist. At first Lunakiri offered me to draw this duo with Rosalina and her OC luna and the description sounded so marvellous that it was hard to refuse, also it seem there was some messy touch from the main suggestion so she got one of my weakness from this fetish… ^^’

Finally Lunakiri managed something sensual with some cuddles on the beach with sunset to make it even more romantic and intimate (why my birthdays never end that sweet?), for sure it’s just the start and many things can happen, even more since Lunakiriput them on a big ass blanket to offer some protection‘ so no way this night can’t be intense. On a more lovely side I love the idea of a plushie Luma as gift from Rosalina, I guess I must keep that in mind for next year… ^^’

I hope you like it guys, also compared to what expected Lunakiri you have here the HD version instead of patreon exclusive, it’s celebration day so we just have to enjoy it. Anyway Lunakiri is an awesome friend and really good artists so take the time give her a little message then visit her gallery (here)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#738 – Sandcastle true masters (summer wallpaper)

It was a long time since the last edit but there is now more illustrations listed on the gallery page (here). This need so much time cause more than just create the thumb and edit the code, I do a same time a redo on all posts to fix and clean the html code that looks like a hug mess after moving from blogspot to WordPress.

Another week with family anyway there isn’t internet working since two weeks and mobile phone network is really shit on that place so hard to be active. Anyway I was prepared to put the blog and patreon posts before left and tumblr/twitter will be updated when back on Sunday evening. Feel free visit and follow on these places… ^^


Here is an illustration I wanted since more than 2 years, I planned to commission the same artist as the Christmas wallpaper (that you’ll see soon) but her prices increased much more than my budget so I never had the opportunity got with a commission. Anyway I took the opportunity use the actual deal I have with Mothclip to make that idea come true. I have a really awesome level and style so I was sure he can make a powerfull piece so after some really hot messy and tentacles duos I asked Mothclip goes on something safe and adorable.

The idea was Rosalina building a basic sandcastle then notice Bay Rosalina and Lumas made one together that is masterpiece for for those that know about Mario Galaxy series this huge castle looks like Rosalina’s observatory that sure sounds like a challenge for Mothclip that managed it like a pro. So many things to manage on this scene with placement, poses, outfits and details that I sometimes missed to mention I wanted Rosalina kneeling and not standing up but Mothclip was so kind and accepted rework on that part… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

The character placement needed long talk and homemade sketchs on paint to show what I have in mind (sacrilege), there is also a huge difference on Baby Rosalina that Mothclip drew a little older as she appear in Mario kart series since he thought ‘this age looks nice in that style‘. I must tell she looks really adorable that way even more cute and I’m also addicted how fun looks the Lumas with Mothclip‘s style, the one with shovel made me think at a dwarf from Snow white and the other with bucket to an alien, maybe stupid or crazy but I think it add a fun touch to this ravishing illustration… °w°

Mothclip was really dedicated and patient and that’s even more incredible when we know how much my ideas can be crazy then he also made a little bonus with this step by step gif that is always powerfull when you have many wip you wish to share. Here you can see the evolution from the first sketch with arrangement, flat colour and then shading that have a huge impact on the final version atmosphere… °o°

I hope you like this cute illustration guys, you can get the HD on patreon (here) for a powerfull summer wallpaper and for all perverts, be sure the naughty side will be back in the next illustration I plan with Mothclip. For now you can ask him about commission with great skills for a correct price and an artist dedicated to do his best with the devise: ‘I happy when client happy‘ (the grammatical error is part of the quote)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / 80$ commission

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