#062 – Austin power – Fook-Mi & Fook-Yu

Due to the lack of visits and comments I wasn’t into regular update the blog but after all I must keep it alive, as honour for Rosalina and all artists who participated. Don’t have so much projects for the blog that I can start quicky, maybe a cosplay page of me with my Rosalina cosplay with other ladies I meet during con but it must be kinka scary…

After all I don’t do cosplay, I do crossplay… XD


Today a soft illustration by XxPurpleKissxX who had the kindness to participate to the project and pair Rosalina with two powerfull ladies, Fook-Mi and Fook-Yu from the movie Austin power. With these names I’m sure you can imagine this film is reall special, More funny than Mister bean and for sure, more crasy… If you never hear about Austin Power it’s like a James bond parody, just take a look at the series and you will understand… XD

I really love XxPurpleKissxX illustration. I expected artists to only pick one of the two ladies for a duo with Rosalina but finally both are here for a powerfull trio. Also refering to the movie, it’s not porn but quite explicit in general but XxPurpleKissxX really make them looking so beautifull and adorable. It’s like they are two lovely fans asking Rosalina if they can pick a photo with her… They are so lucky… U_u

Cindy Fook “Mi” and Sally Fook “Yu” were two Japanese twins at Austin’s Pad after his knighting at Buckingham Palace. but instead of a long description just see the extract of the movie:

Once agai, thanks so much for this beautifull illustration XxPurpleKissxX and really sorry for the long time to publish it. Btw, don’t hesitate to visit her deviantart gallery (here), so much amazing and also surprising illustrations… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: XxPurpleKissxX / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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