Rosalina’s Laboratory chapter 2 – Misato check-up

 Special day: New chapter of the Rosalina’s laboratory published but it’s also the 300th drawing on the blog…
Thanks to everybody for your support… (^o^)/

In fact the comic was  already finished before the video but it was too late to change it so I promised to Dmfo than the next pulication after the video will be the new page of our story. I hope you like it guys… ^^

After the misadventure with Peach, rosalina  made an escape and discovered a abandonned Robotnik’s warehouse where she found some curous machines and a portal who allow her to travel to other places.

She pick some machiens and the portal before create a little laboratory in her observatory, now it’s time to have some fun with her new machines… ^^

I’m really happy to show you this new comis, Dmfo and me are already working on the next girl but for the moment I hope you will enjoy this new chapter… Oh yeah…°w°

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  1. Eromanboy

    Awesome *3*


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