#122 – Sweet Rosalina remake

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It’s always hard for me to post again after publications like the 900th one, I’m so proud and happy about those and don’t want it be hidden wih the upcoming posts but if there is moment I need make the project continue. Maybe I’ll give them a dedicated tag like “Special even” or “exceptional” for posts dedicated to Rosalina’s birthday or milestones as example but I know it wont change too much for you… ^^’

Also everybody on patreon may have receive a mail about the problem with pledges saying “Normally payments take roughly 24 hours to run, but this time payments are on track to require 5-6 days“. So for now I’ll wait a bit to get everything work before announce patreon raffle winner on the next post.


Today let’s me present Daikirikun who recently contacted me offering and kindly offered to participate to the project, I’m already so honored when artist like the project and offer to participate without I need find them from a spamming session (I know it’s not nice). whatever what is interesting her is Daikirikun‘s idea to redraw an illustration for 2016 to give it a nice and fresh look, you can see on the right the original one by dcb2art if you are curious, one being traditional and the new one in digital art style, which one is your favourite guys?

No use to tell both illustration looks really different, of course traditional keep something interesting that let you see about the artist technique and create a unique physical piece anyway Daikirikun get really more shin and pastel colours with great shading that turn it absolutely pretty with a perfect summer atmosphere. I really like that dress design that I personally consider as a swimsuit even if the outfit was “inspired by Kotobukiya’s Alisa bosconovitch figure by Shunya Yamashita” (on the right). It’s interesting to see a piece can inspire a new one that will also inspire a new one creating a chain or art with time and maybe there will be an artist that will use Daikirikun‘s illustration as reference or inspiration in the future, who know… °o°

Once again it’s a big thanks to Daikirikun who helped the project grow with another adorable illustration and was really fun to make research to find the true origin of this outfit design. If you want to see more don’t hesitate to take a look to the places listed below where you can find more by Daikirikun, so much lovely or cool piece and even more Rosalina art like the summer jump illustration on the left… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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