#121 – Mama and Luma

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nintendo mario princess rosalina luma cute sketch mono-color

I know some of you consider that sketches aren’t as powerfull as a coloured illustration with details and shading everywhere, anyway I’m sure there was sketchy pieces you loved so much for its great work and concept, no? Personally there is a some sketchy illustration that I consider as the most gorgeous piece I ever see… °o°

Also two publications left before come the 900th illustration on the main page. No epic publication but I’ll give this special slot for an artist that isn’t well know and deserve more support and attention, stay tuned… ^__^


Today, let’s have a cute Rosalina and Luma duo I received as gift from the adorable Lunakiri that once again seems to be cursed with a terrible fate, her internet provider did a mistake and she’s the one that get the troubles losing internet for a month (totally unfair). Here Rosalina is facing a tiny Luma small than the usual one I know so this could be a true baby star (how cute). My side I’m really amazed how pretty and detailed looks Rosalina’s hairs, Lunakiri really managed them looks so cool using a single pencil. So awesome… °o°

Anyway coming as gift and sketchy have have no wip or story for you guys but if you are curious Lunakiri released a lot of speed-painting and time-lapse on her youtube channel (here) so could be interesting way to see more about her art and the way she works. There is ton of different style and support since she don’t only do drawing and painting but also work on clay modeling and recently dolls creations, that’s so insane… ^^

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lunakiri

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