#074-078 – Powerfull lovely combo

Nintendo recently announced three new (classic) card games with mario themes. Rosalina appear in the queen of clubs card but sincerely I’m really disappointed by the illustration they used. It’s a classic old fanart that they used as reference for the Gashapon figure, sincerely with photoshop we can make the same thing. As if Rosalina I wont order this (Sorry Rosalina).

Also for people who are always on the internet to find “famous” talented artists, sometimes your friends are really more powerfull than you can expect and there is some amazing surprises. Artist are not only on the internet so be careful… ^^


And about friend, must admit it’s a little special with Alycia, I only know her from the internet as if we leave in the same country (France is huge) but at first it wasn’t because the blog. I discovered later her talent when sh offered me to draw Rosalina and was a powerfull surprise. Now after a lovely panda dress (here) and time as mermaid (here), I have some news from Alycia to show you. Also not a single or two drawing but 5 mores at the same time. Oh yeah… °w°

I wanted to make a post for each illustrations but since all are from Alycia must looks better in the same post like a so beautifull and wonderfull pack. In fact I must admit the more complicated was of organize the 5 illustrations, 4 or 6 are easy to order but 5 sounds like a challenge… Now let’s quickly introduces Alycia‘s illustrations from the top left to the right…

#1 – First one is a sweet bust, about the text “Harmonie” is simple the French Rosalina’s name. Really love that cute smile and embarassed touch, it make Rosalina looks so lovely and innocent with a shy touch.

#2 – After a sweet face, there is Rosalina back, kinda simple but with a sensual touch.

#3 – Third piece is like a mix into panda dress and “where is my pokemon?” project. Alycia decided to pair Rosalina with a little Eevee give eevee inspired dress to Rosalina and as you can see a little crown to eevee, I love that detail, it’s so cute but Rosalina’s dress is the best. Love sooo much the design… °w°

#4 – A true Rosalina on the fourth piece, this time seem she don’t need MArio help to find some star and no doubt about that, Rosalina is so wonderfull. Also we don’t see it a lot here but Alycia used glitter pen en the result is really beautifull.

#5 – Last one is really the cuttest of the serie, A so adorable chibi Rosalina. I love her expression and also the wind effet on her dress adding a dynamic touch.

Once again thanks soooo much for your kindness Alycia, I have a wonderfull and so lovely art collection now. I hope you also like them guys and feel free to let a little comment here to Alycia or visit her profile, you can be sure some nice messages and feedback are a wonderfull support to an artist and give them more motivation to continue draw and amaze us… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Alycia / Art trade

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