#069 – [Speedpainting] Lumas love candies

Wish you so much fun and pleasure for this new year, for sure it can’t be perfect
(that sounds impossible) but let’s try to make it fun and cool… Oh yeah… ^^

Finally the Rosalina amiibo is open to preorder, you can be sure I ordered two figures (on to open, the other who will keep her box but I must admit I’m kinda scary. I ordered a Zelda amiibo on December and they wasn’t able to keep one in a corner for me and I’m still waiting for it since 3 weeks so I hope they wont have this problem with the Rosalina one but you can be sure I’ll do my best to have one (or more)… °w°

Also, I want to make a little collection with a Rosalina amiibo from each country, my biggest problem for the moment is to have one from Japan but can’t order one due to taxes, if you know someone from Japan.


After amazed me with her Rosalina x Gaige (borderlands) illustration, I wanted to come again with something made by the so lovely and talented Suika for the blog. It’s finally on a Rosalina group on deviantart that I found the idea, they are holding a little contest with Christmas theme and since the group is dedicated to my favorite princess. With the help of Suika, I wanted to make the contest and group look more active and at the same time show how Rosalina is a wonderfull lady to deviantart community.

It’s a soft group and mean must be a soft illustration so can sound surprising I chosen an hentai artist but Suika made so lovely and funny pieces accepting my request… (^o^)/

The idea was Rosalina giving some candy canes to her lovely and adorable Lumas, dressed as santa for sure. Ask you can see Suika made an adorable illustration (as expected) and now it really deserve a nice place to the Rosalina-club‘s contest. At start the admin wanted to make a pool and everybody can vote for his favorite but in this case it’s more a popularity contest and skill don’t count so that’s not fair. I talked about that with the admin and it will be changed to a Jury, wont have to spam here on on Suika side to ask people to vote and we really have a chance to win…

As for her previous illustration, I asked Suika if she accept to record while drawing and turn it into a speedpainting, she also accepted (so kind) and you can enjoy the result on Speedpainting page (here) or just click on the illustration on the left. It’s really interesting to see how the artist work on an illustration and it also add some interesting details or littles stories to the illustration.

As example, at start Suika drew all Lumas on the floor, it can work like the one running on Smash Bros. video announcing Rosalina but referring to Mario Galaxy in fact Luma levitate. She fixed that point an simply moved Lumas and edited Rosalina’s arm but looking at the speedpainting (here) you will see what happened to the cute Luma close to get his candy. It’s not like Suika just edited the piece for a first version but created a story between both version and make it alive… Love it… ^__^

Artist: Suika / Cost: 18$ (+ speedpainting)

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